simplicity wins it all

simple yet sophisticated

when i was busying wit my assignment, dad place tis cute little bottle on the desk.
i know its not any ordinary bottle once i glimpse on it.
though its magical water from fairyland mountain or something. *imagination starts to fly*
but reality, its plain o'l h20
how dissapoining is that *sigh!*

anyway, its simple but it's, classsy! especially the elegant curves the bottle have.
even the label looks sophisticated.

sometimes i just wonder, is the design speaks louder or the brand does ? 
oh boy, now i'm confuse.

okaay.. enought wit those yadie yada
i should be continuing my assignment, i didnt do much during these 4 days. 
chop chop chop!! 


Malacca y'all!

Head to Malacca with my aunt today, i know, i should be a hermit and do my assignments. but i just cant help myself and go back, my dad is in malacca y'all! *cheers of joy!* means there will alot of makan and hang outs wit my relatives and of cause spend quality time with daddy until sunday =D

but as a good *cough* responsible *cough* students, i definitely bring my works along *cough* if nt i'll be dead meat x.x but its another story whether i really do it or nt ._.

See current photos of everyone in facebook and friendster wit my aunt ,daddy and grandparents and talk about how great friendster and facebook are. adults will be adults..lol!! and i cant believe my grandma took out those good ol' photos of her grandchildren and encourage me to upload them. not to forget to upload their photos as well =p

upload my babyawkwardhumiliating, cute?*cough* photos on friendster??

 i dont think so =P


rainbow makes the world go round =D

Colours speaks louder than words y'all~

Speaking about  rainbow, it reminds me how often i use it as my theme for my assignments, especially this semester and my group work as well, even my team have to give in and it makes me quite guilty about it ._. (sorry dear j'mee, jy and of cuz Elie <--she's more in black 'n white, her current obsession, PINK hohohoho..)  

is not that i use rainbow because i'm all mad about rainbow, but it really relates to our assignments mah, but frankly, i'm quite comfortable when use it as my theme, not to mention more ideas popping out and i enjoy doing my assignments more=D

rainbow will never go wrong with cute stuffs

me like =D

To be honest, besides prunes and peanut butter, i love Colours.  my eyes sparks very fast when comes to bright pastel colours and anything Colouful. somehow i'm wondering when i'm gonna grow up, that's why i try limit my  so called "Colour usage".. but things doesn't go really well.. because, its not like.. me :( 

for example, i try to wear black, since its the every1 seems to enjoy wearing it. but i end up feeling uncomfortable, .. so yea, black baju bagi closet pakai

but Come on, people will get bored and fed-up if i hari-hari rainbow, then they might go, " oh no, she's gonna use her rainbow again.."  or " i cant stand those Colours! they're hurting my eyes!!*acting dramatically*" and who knows i'll get "rainbow-disorder" ?? and end up in tanjung rambutan, noooooooooooo!! (i made it up..i'm good :P ) 

and yea, i did, try to dump rainbow.

On my digi typography assignment, lyrics-CD-cover-design assignment.

-----flash back the time when letting ms Yarshi see my sketches------

" this one not bad, i like this one where the words are flowing like rainbow"

" but ms Yarshi, i'm planning to use tis one." (one with the design flow like a girl's hair) 

" that's nice but the rainbow design suits more for your song,...."

*and she goes on wit her explanations.*.

so yea, i go with the rainbow design..

see??! i tried!!

oh well, seems rainbow loves me too *wink*


what a weekend

Stare at the screen almost whole day now, in fact, i spent my whole day. that's right, W.H.O.L.E day in my room, and my longest journey was to the toilet, which was around 8 doors away from mine. Nevertheless, 

its gonna be the same for tomorrow.

sounds torturing? i know.
i'm used to it already.. lol

but i really cant stand starring infront of the computer for days! its really killing me T.T
hope i wont ended up wearing glasses because my eye are small enough @.@

Anyway, daddy is coming to kl!! cant wait to meet him =)


between the lines

I didn't know what I would find,
I tried to take the road less traveled by, 
A part of left, a part of right,
Nothing seems to be right.


my inspiration starts to flow =D

Credits to Hing Yee

Went out with Nelson and Hing Yee. Instead of jalan-jalan, we are more on chit-chatting Needless to say, Mc Donald is the perfect place to go.who doesn't like McD anyway? lol, moreover, We can stuck our butt there as long as we want like nobody business.

Like others, i adore Mcd' sundae cone , mc flurry as well!!  =D
those smooth white sweet cream which melts in the mouths , and touches the hearts

cant believe a simple sundae cone can makes me happy  *floating* 
but surprisingly, i dont get all crazy wit other ice cream =/

Ice-cream dont have to be fancy to make some1 happy.
isnt it? =)

*at last i got some idea for my assignments! 
not much, but its better than none


Birthday Boy

My classmate, Botak turned 19 last Thursday. I know he isnt botak, but he was when i 1st know him.. *grin* 

After lecture on tat very same day, another class surprised a birthday girl with their own birthday songs played in the lecturer hall with the help of our lecturer and a birthday cake later, the whole thing was so sweet and touching, nevertheless, she cried.. *awww!!* 

at this point, i thought Botak will be sitting at the dark corner..crying?lol. because we didnt throw any surprise for him. 

sorry lo, we never thought of it mah >.<

but we went to KFC to celebrate his big day, although it wasn't a surprise for him, but planned something ..well, special for him. *double grin*

the birthday boy..lol!

our imagination went wild =P

My work (baldie+rainbow) me like =P 
besides is Elie's bunny, and Celine is drawing bra stripes lol

poor Botak, he had to drink with a baby bottle and wear our "u1-masterpiece" shirtuntil he head home.

Some how i realise, instead of being the king or queen of the day, normally birthday boy n girl always get bullied during their birthday..lol
special birthday treatment indeed =D

Botak, u 're lucky tau
you cant find any shirt that SPECIAL outside =)


Right around

"tell me that i'm special 
even when i know i'm not."


be strong.. STOP pet society.. (well, nt really>.<)

Most of the assignments were being introduced,
Ideas were being approved.
so basically i should TOTALLY focus on my assignments by now.
and most my friends started their designs already and in fact, they are doing good.. yea, they are pure genius ..(derma sikit skill boleh tak har?) 

Year two is not gonna be easy, since most of the assignments can be our portfolio in the future
not to forget i'm totally flash amateur  
so yea, no play play

which means i have pour or squeeze all my energy and efforts out for my assignments, 
Since i spent most of my time staring infront of the computer, so i have no choice but to..
less chatting? less blogging? less facebook games? less surf not-so-important websites? 
but the toughest part will be,



Although i still see him nw and then, but this is really a challenge for me!! 
i usually give him tender loving care everytime i could =(
i duwan to be a  a bad mummy ._.
*squating in the dark corner with the index fingers pointing each other*

but girl, face it..

u really have to

*bang the wall real hard*

so... now? ._.


who are u?

Close my eyes, let everything pass me by

Been thinking much lately again, mood really down to drain or mayb deeper? for the pass few weeks, although so much things to do, mind keeps jumbling wit unsorted stuffs which i hardly even know what i'm worrying, frustrating about. I got so much things to talk or complain? about to family and friends which i usually talk to, but end up,

 i didnt say what i really wanted to say.

Now its hard for me to start a conversation and feels like i'm abandoning my friends which i swear i didnt and it really makes me feel guilty about it. 

Expressing myself though words is much more harder than quitting my addiction to peanut butter. (addicted to it for 1 year or 2 but glad is nw away from my head *phew!*)

my verbal and communication skill go from bad to worst.

how sad is that ._.

 dont talk much like before, and prefer to day dream, having deep thoughts, keep everything unspoken and eventually let 'em fade away or blog about it if possible. 

cheese and whiskers, i dont know the girl i see in the mirror anymore. 

pardon me for the emo post,
i've run out of prunes =(


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