mayb i was dreaming

during the semester break, i've done alot of thinking and wondering stuffs which i shouldn't give a damn about it. thanks to my godmom, she made me realize alot of thoughts which i abandon or some i didnt even realise i started to move on, but frankly its hard to forget.
at least it was a life lesson learnt :D

nonsense aside, anyway, i'm working on my new layout. as My bloggie havent change her skin since the day she was created (yea, the current layout was her 1st clothes.. hahah!)

just dont put high hopes on the new layout though, as i'm not even sure whether it gonna turns out right x)

just being random, i really like christmas songs until i'm listening to it everyday, (jazz, country, rock and you name it! ) but i still prefer traditional ones though x)

miss santa clause right now.. oh holly i cant wait for christmas!!


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