my babies

This are my little trios in my room, Chips the puppy, Wei Kang the piggy and Petals the bear(i finally thought a name for her..hoho!), 3 of them come from different places and each have a story behind, especially Wei Kang ;)

Chips and Petals are mine while Wei Kang is my roomate's. She will hug him whenever she sleep or hit him when she feels like hitting something =x

They are tooooooooo adoreable and get quite an attention, you see. Most our "visitors" will play with them, hug them, pat them,and yadie yada, oh ya, sometimes they are being molested as well, you cant imagine hw uneasy i was when i saw hands touch our babies from head to toe, toe to head. i do nothing but just saying "stop it, stop it" repeatedly inside. (apa lagi aku boleh buat har? rampas from them meh? ._.)

One thing i didn't expect was most of them say Petals and me are look-a-like, which i dont really agree with them. Petals are much cutier la -.=

they even named Chips "Jean" and Petals "Lynn"

i love them dearly but doesn't mean i have to share my name with them, but i do share my secrets with them ;) hahah!



oh bother ._.


Dear bloggie,
I'm soo sorry for abandoning you lately. I was kinda busy especially with career Guidance stuffs and quite worry for my assignments as my "ah-hah!" light bulb hasn't really light up.

so should i do the noddle dance like the PB and J otters? gosh, i miss that cartoon alot.used to watch it frequently until i was in Form 3 i guess..

Tis is what i call.. LINEAR PERSPECTIVE.. lol!(revising my intro to art)
btw,Snap tis at Kundasang's memorial park during last sem break.



I'm not good in writing and literature is aint my thing.
so i prefer to draw, Its like screaming everything out from my head without letting anyone knows exactly what am i thinking.

untied those knots and clear those junks in my head.
i felt much better now.


luv luv luv luv luv

halie!!! i cant think of a name for her yet =(

wonder if dajie know that lizard used to be my buddy when i was little =P

I'm offcially 19 years 1month 3 days old by the way =)

Jia Ming sayang called me few mins before my birthday was over, iits not just any normal phone call tau. It was the most special birthday greeting i ever received.
lol ..she really made me lovey dovey inside <3

lots of love to my parents who brought up me to this big world and thanks everyone who wished me. It really means alot to me

u wont understand.u never will.


lack out off inspiration =((

Assignments are piling up, so as for society stuffs. I know this semester is not gonna be easy, especially creating music video and commercial video, because i know nothing about video

Guess i got lots to learn

Although i'm not in holiday mood already, my mind still blurring, is like sesat somewhere in a jungle and cant get myself out.

i dont even know what to blog.. even tweet ._.

this might explain why i didnt update my blog lately ._.

Anyway, meet my new friend boo-boo(pic below). She came for a visit without telling me until i felt some pain on my finger few days ago, the blood had dried up before i even know, Boo-boo was the deepest cut i get in these year, i can say. and i dont even know exactly when or how boo-boo came. What's wrong with my pain receptor anyway =/

I know this isn't post-worthy.. But I just have to introduce Boo-boo to someone.*puppy face*
well, at least boo-boo filled up my post =)

Sealed with a smile.



Was taken last year.
so it's one old, vintage photo indeed

Hope i'm not buried with assignments this December
So i able go to Malacca and meet my parents and Jakuns,
Hope mom will cook me more pumpkins this December
because she knows how her daughter crazy about them.


dont get me wrong, i'm not homesick



sepilok trip

Although stay at sandakan for almost 10 years .This was my second trip to sepilok. My dad brought my cousin brother and my aunt here during their 1 week sabah trip so my bro and i tag along.
While others were waiting for the orang utan during feeding time. I'm snapping everywhere in different perspective and trying to get something interesting.

speaking about awkward snapping position -.-

meet our cousin! You cant imagine how many people struggling and squeezing each other just to watch them swinging around. the whole situation was like when paparazzi saw a superstar.

road not taken


photoshop tutorials for Jakuns

My sister wanted to learn photoshop for ages and finally got the photoshop installer her friends and she wanted me to teach her some moves. Basically i was not good in photoshop, but if i dont teach her, she will start to mumble about what a "good" sister am i and wonder what i've learnt in college. So yea, i thought her some basic to keep her mouth shut *grin*

Since she cant make up her mind what photo to use, i suggest a photo of her instead

Jakun(in red) and Chennie(my junior)

i taught her about the basic adjustment for the photos, and i introduce her some tools in the tool bar by using her face. make her mouth disappear, duplicate her eyes, make her "slimmer" and yadie yada, we laugh our heads off but my sister was soo speechless and not amazed because she turned to an alien

but she likes the the liquify tool.. see.. how happy she is

She started to get "high" when she use the liquify tool and the "make-my-hair-grow-longer" tool. ok i mean the clone stamping tool.

tada! her long pontianak hair and so called hourglass figure
dunno about u, but my sis like it.lol!

My sis was sooo proud of her 1st photoshop masterpiece

and her long hair..


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