late night lullaby

please don't stand so close to me
and i'll make sure to keep my distance.

* * *

i've been listen to this song for weeks lol, its so smoothing.


thank you :)

compilation of some of my works during my degree year.

i have to admit, its hard when i first enter degree in animation right after my diploma. new environments and new classmates from different country; a bunch of talented classmates and makes me even more stressful lol. but i'm lucky to have them, we are like bunch of siblings, like any other siblings. During these 2 years, we have our ups and downs. we wrench each others nerves but all of them are helpful and knowledgeable in their own way and willing to share, help and influence each others.

so thank you guys. now i know how to handle jokes, not taking everything too seriously, know the importance of unity and countless things i learnt from you guys. i'm very lucky and proud to have u guys as my classmates! and not forget our faceboook chatbox!! which makes us closer and that's the one reason i always log in my facebook.

hope we still able to keep in touch :)

we are awesome .. hahah!


we got lots to learn

still looking up


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