Puppies love

before i wanna start , i wanna warn my dear dajie

the following post contains cute and adoreable pictures may not related to cute kitties.

and they are not alien!!

okay back to business, as so you know puppies are almost 1 month old! they open their eyes and move around wibbly wobbly in their tiny legs but they still cry like a baby..nevertheless.. they are still cute!! hahaha.. all the puppies are fully booked, and we keep one. which means they will be seperated and leave us one day :(

Picture 1

incase you are new or know nothing about those angles (how could you?!).. feel free to click here!

Picture 4
aww! arent they lovey dovey!! i know i know, when mom see this , she will say we siblings should learn from them.. love each other.. care for each other.. yea yea yea.

Picture 12

Those puppies makes our day.. everyday. Everyone is happy , even my mom who is not really an animal lover, she will laugh and smile whenever she saw the puppies, they melt my mom's heart on the spot, with their yawn and their body stretching. The power of the puppies indeed.

but not everyone is happy,

Picture 2

Dear yogurt put her long face and sulking like a baby ,whenever all the attention draws to the puppies.. time flies, she can be such a sousage from a small little pup, cheer up, you know we still love you x)

Picture 7
we call this expression "the nostril of total rejection" ..which when someone is feeling rejected or down and the nostril get wider
(if the nostril expands and conrtact, even better!)

its just something between us, the jakuns aka siblings

p/s: my beloved sister snap all the photos above..
thank you for letting me steal your photos..
wanna me give you a kiss?


puma fan x)


mayb that's the reason why i love Puma
Daddy, lets go sport Shops.
we got some serious shopping to do! xD


nothing much


i like to string words together,
often for no other reason
just because they rhymed,
and they sound pretty nice



hi kaylee :D

Since after being busy in college, thanks to the wacky line connection i'm having in hostel, addicted to facebook (pet society to be exact..haha), i'm not a "crazy chatter" as before. makes me seldom log in my msn messenger. Sometimes i even forgot the existance of it.

so no suprise friends who knows me well normally will drop me msg in petsociety or facebook, whether its an emergency or a "hi" msg

So now, just being graduated 2 months ago, now at home.. and yea i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..(for the time being) which makes me hop and reappear myself in msn more often, now and then.
Picture 6

well.. mayb not everyday..screw streamyx!! :((

I'm so shock when i received lot and loads of contact request, thought i was famous or something, feeling quite "bangga" and wondering how they got my email address. BUt luckily, i'm not dumb enough for accept each and everyone of the email as most of the emails are quite similar.

so i accecpt one or two request lo..

before i thought of doing anything, a simple "hi" popped up from a girl name sherlly.

so i reply her a "hi' with a smiley.. hahahh!!

She said she is kaylee and ask me how was i doing, as if she was my best buddy -.-
and after few replies and so, she said she was feeling sexy (omigod -,-) and she wanted to open her webcam, she gave me a link so we could have "fun" there..

I know,

Picture 4

when i imitate as a spammer.
Courtesy of my sister for screen shot and edited it..

after i closed the msg box from that weirdo or spammer, or the sexy robot girl or a farm chicken.. whoever she is, another "hi" and another url link from a person named roselle who referred herself as kaylee.. again -.-

this time, i'm no missy nice gal!! I give her a big "F" word. i seldom use f words in my life..haha and told her i'm not interested because she is not sexy enough. She told me to mind of my words. oookay,spammer are not stupid u know. hahah!

Chatting with kaylee is my great past time ever esp when i have nothing to do, mock at her or answer her question in stupid ways .. not being to mean or overboard, i'm just being nice and friendly in and evil way *muahahaha*, btw, i usually "request" her dance the chicken dance whenever she is feeling naked. sometimes i even ask my sister to join the conversation. instead "joining the talk" , kaylee will always pop out another new window as if she is trying to talk to me individually.

aww.. isnt that sweet?


After a great "conversation" with Kaylee, i will delete her and straight to my block list. sound cruel? hahah! I dont know how many Kayleee in my contact list now.

aunty kaylee
Kaylee, my long lost aunt

bad case: who knows kaylee is my long lost aunty from nowhere who chatting via internet for the very 1st time??! lol!

And of course i make sure the kaylee i'm chatting with is a spammer but not a real person, if not i will in a very very hot soup. Chicken soup to be precise.

so my dear friends, think twice before you accept any suspicious contact request.
Kaylee is everywhere! *cheng cheng cheng!!*


good night, stranger.

Picture 4

"So tomorrow there will be another number
For the one who had a name
A desert wind and a perverse desire to win
History buried in shame"
- stars


sleep tight..



we live once :)

Picture 6

Sometimes there is the time i felt like giving up in everything,
wondering is it me or life is just getting more selfish and cruel.
The longer i stare, the more i realise,
life is not as wonderful as i thought.
or its just me being slow for realizing the true color ?

but maybe life is not as bad as i think it might be,
its just depends how i wanted my life could be,

"be be soft, when world is being hard,
do not let pain make you hate,
do not let bitterness steal the sweetness,
take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,
you will still believe the world is still a beautiful place"

this is a note from me,
to me :)


meet baby croc

Picture 10
unthouched version

Picture 9

peek- a -boo!!

meet baby croc,
he is made up of countless scribbles on a page of my sketch book,
some ticky time on the clock and sprinkles of efforts.
drawing isnt that hard, its just the mood i'm lacking off.
btw, he has a big neck which i just realized.

he's just hatch out from his shell, and prepare to meet the world.
still in his shell, makes him stuck half way
half done like the drawing,
half minded like me.



Picture 2

It was last year, out of the moon, my mom wanted to rear her own chickens. Unlike us, she hates animals, she dont even touch our doggies..so its quite a big issue and we thought we are dreaming for mom to rear animals especially chickens

mom keep complaining its hard to get chicken are fed with organically nowadays, but i swear i did not expect keeping chickens at our backyard and be at our dinner table when time comes..

Picture 1

and since our puppy cage left empty, mom wanted to keep the cage occupied ..hahah!

Picture 4

raring chickens are though than raring dogs, in case u are wondering. dogs might listen to their owner and they will respond whenever u call them but try call the chicken that run free, i bet they will run few miles away..i know i'm lame, hahaha. anyway, luckily my sister help my mom with the chicks.. she got this ability to handle the little runners. we call her "mama chicken" since then.

Picture 5

my mom was soo excited to see the chickens grow, but frankly i dont hope for that day to come.Chicks are too cute to be eaten!! Call me a chicken, i not dare enough to eat them. i got feelings towards them you know. tender loving care.. :D

Picture 6

few months later, kakak slaughter the chickens and mom steamed'em ..heard the chickens turn out quite delicious -.-" but THANK GOD , luckily i wasn't around, i give a big no when mom plan to keep some meat in the freezer until i come back from kl..

but mom didnt rear second batch of chicks. because my sister have no time for the chickens, and i take it as a good news. and right now, i seldom eat chicken, it reminds me about those little cute feller

Picture 7
the shock look

*evil movie theme song*

between you and me, i'm trying to be a vegetarian



quote of the day

Picture 4

"Dreams are postcards from our subconscious, inner self to outer self, right brain trying to cross that moat to the left. Too often they come back unread: “return to sender, addressee unknown.”

Dennis Koenig and Jordan Budde, Northern Exposure, Roots, 1991



Picture 7

bread and tea for you,
cookies and milo for me.

with lots of laughing and whining.
every night

i miss you :)


familiar? ;)



just wondering


they are tiny, they are mighty.
but what's really run in their mind?
or they just go blank for their life?
or have a mind like Einstein?
or they are just thinking what we are thinking?

if one day, maybe someday.
we able to communicate with these little friends of ours,
that's the first question i wanted to ask.
and apologies for squashing them without realizing :(

just wondering.


i'm fine

maybe this is the best way to describe my answer "i'm fine"

whenever u ask "how are u"



they are 1 week old now :3

Sandal gave birth 8 beautiful, adorable puppies in the sunday morning until evening. The 1st puppy cant make it through because she was still wrapped up in the
amniotic sack (puppies are wrapped up with aminotic sack and the mother have to break it and eat the sack after giving birth.. in case u are wondering.hahah), which make the little pup cant breath and to heaven. It was very early in the morning, we didnt know sandal was giving birth so we didnt manage to save that little pup :(

lucky my brother wake up early, he saw the puppy and wake us up. we manage to save the second pup which having the same problem with the 1st puppy.

Its quite worrying at 1st because sandal dont even wanna bother the puppy, its like she dont even know she is a mummy!! All she do is stare at the puppy and she doesnt have milk yet, which we dont know why. we have to hand feed the little pup and remove fluid and amniotic sack.

the lucky pup

Thank god, everything went smoothly when the 3rd puppy was born and so the rest of them. Sandal finally knows what to do and handle all the seven pups like a real mama!!hahah

mr being at home have nothing to do (for the time being..haha).. its a great chance to spend quality time with those little angles, and not forgetting try to snap some good photos of them, Since they will be heading to their own family when they are old enough.Goly,i just cant wait until their little eyes to open!

see, i'm spending quality time wit the pups
even i'm in front of the computer


valuable lesson

she is one big happy hotdog :D

One thing i impress about doggies are, no-matter how fierce u scold them,
or hard u beat them..

they will always at your side.
being loyal.
they will never leave u apart.

dogs are wonderful creature.
not use them as curses on other people.
they dont deserve it.


lyrics of the day

"Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
Every smile you fake is so condescending
Counting all the scars you made
And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you "

Its one part of my favorite song from taylor swift.
She sings me to sleep every night,
from the radio of course :)


Jewels in my mouth

I got my braces 2 weeks ago, which is a total unexceptional. at 1st my dad bring me to the orthodontist and ask whether he wanted to do for me, i thought he will reject as i'm studying and not always at home. He agreed to do for me as i will at home for almost 2 months then he help me do it straight away.

During the whole process, The orthodontist is a very friendly person, he love to talk and he sings too!! I remember he sang Rihanna songs. Its quite impressing for a dentist to sings those songs at his 40ies ..hahah!

okay okay.. he didnt sing until THAT passionate .

I eat like a baby for 1st 2 weeks, my teeth are like totally useless. I have to blend the fruits, smash my veges and cut my food into smaller pieces.

by the time everyone is finishing up their meal, i was still struggling with the 1st few bites -.-

rite now, glad that i able to eat at my usual pace now..

mayb slower..



At last, i changed the layout of my dear bloggie! woohooo!! Quiet satisfied, but there is some place which i need to do some editing.

i Love my very 1st layout, Its my 1st master piece. but this have to change, like seriously. Sometimes i quite fed up with the layout are arranged. everything are compacted in a tiny area at the middle while there is a huge spaces both sides. Which makes me cant post bigger images. moreover She's been wearing the same outfit for almost one year now. nevertheless I'm getting bored , and so do you.

Previously my bloggie are colour up with bright colourful hues.. in case u never visit my blog before. So i try much softer hues this time for a change :)

this is where trial and errors are come in handy :D



i may look dumb, but i know i'm not.
go ahead and acted like u know nothing at all.
i may give in most of the time but not this time.
if u really wanna take things for granted,
well i have nothing much to say.

dont worry , i'm fine


one lucky die hard fan :D

the parcel i've been waiting (for almost 4 months to be exact) is finally here!!

Its all started when i heard traxx fm, which is the only english channel i able to get in sandakan, and they are giving out Taylor Swift Platinum edition cd and Dvd. As a die hard fan of Taylor Swift myself, of course i wont let this chance pass me by, I never thought i will win as this is my 1st time calling to a radio station, but there is somwhere iniside of me tells me i'm gonna own tis.

Holy Moly, my instinct didn't let me down, i manage to call in and get the answer right, and to my surprise, i was the 1st caller!! to the whole despite i almost forgot the traxx fm's hotline, shivering and mumbling when talking to the deejays, its was really an awesome experience :D

there is a cd and a dvd which include her mtvs, back stage videos and mtv behind the scenes! which makes me feel i'm few steps closer to taylor swift..hahah! and a booklet with a short message from taylor swift herself! (its printed though..but i'm happy ..haha)

i'm proud to say this is my very 1st original album as my parents wont let me buy cds because they thinks its a waste of money, and moreover This albulm is the 1st prize i ever won through a radio station.. hahah!! now u can imagine how thrilled i was :D



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