one lucky die hard fan :D

the parcel i've been waiting (for almost 4 months to be exact) is finally here!!

Its all started when i heard traxx fm, which is the only english channel i able to get in sandakan, and they are giving out Taylor Swift Platinum edition cd and Dvd. As a die hard fan of Taylor Swift myself, of course i wont let this chance pass me by, I never thought i will win as this is my 1st time calling to a radio station, but there is somwhere iniside of me tells me i'm gonna own tis.

Holy Moly, my instinct didn't let me down, i manage to call in and get the answer right, and to my surprise, i was the 1st caller!! to the whole despite i almost forgot the traxx fm's hotline, shivering and mumbling when talking to the deejays, its was really an awesome experience :D

there is a cd and a dvd which include her mtvs, back stage videos and mtv behind the scenes! which makes me feel i'm few steps closer to taylor swift..hahah! and a booklet with a short message from taylor swift herself! (its printed though..but i'm happy ..haha)

i'm proud to say this is my very 1st original album as my parents wont let me buy cds because they thinks its a waste of money, and moreover This albulm is the 1st prize i ever won through a radio station.. hahah!! now u can imagine how thrilled i was :D


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