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It was last year, out of the moon, my mom wanted to rear her own chickens. Unlike us, she hates animals, she dont even touch our doggies..so its quite a big issue and we thought we are dreaming for mom to rear animals especially chickens

mom keep complaining its hard to get chicken are fed with organically nowadays, but i swear i did not expect keeping chickens at our backyard and be at our dinner table when time comes..

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and since our puppy cage left empty, mom wanted to keep the cage occupied ..hahah!

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raring chickens are though than raring dogs, in case u are wondering. dogs might listen to their owner and they will respond whenever u call them but try call the chicken that run free, i bet they will run few miles away..i know i'm lame, hahaha. anyway, luckily my sister help my mom with the chicks.. she got this ability to handle the little runners. we call her "mama chicken" since then.

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my mom was soo excited to see the chickens grow, but frankly i dont hope for that day to come.Chicks are too cute to be eaten!! Call me a chicken, i not dare enough to eat them. i got feelings towards them you know. tender loving care.. :D

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few months later, kakak slaughter the chickens and mom steamed'em ..heard the chickens turn out quite delicious -.-" but THANK GOD , luckily i wasn't around, i give a big no when mom plan to keep some meat in the freezer until i come back from kl..

but mom didnt rear second batch of chicks. because my sister have no time for the chickens, and i take it as a good news. and right now, i seldom eat chicken, it reminds me about those little cute feller

Picture 7
the shock look

*evil movie theme song*

between you and me, i'm trying to be a vegetarian


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