klw di bagi pilihan , mau hadiah hari jadi apa ? :)

album taylor swift XD

Any nice question for me? :D


my son (detailed)


well, this is my son, again. hahah.. if u are aware of my blog, i think u know he is not any ordinary sculpture, he is my beloved handosme son. i'm not bragging, most of the ppl who he meet call him handsome. so dont get me wrong. hahhah


this is the 1st sketch before i make him. actually i wanted to make his hair neat and tidy. but just like her mommy, his hair will never be tidy. (i tried T___T)




p/s: dont ask who is his daddy. who say he need a daddy??! hahahha


no wonderrrrrrr

i cant wait for next week yo!!
assignemnt bye bye and hello freedom, bed!!
i cant wait to meet up my old pals!! huhuhu

btw, that isnt my image, i grab 'em hehe..
i once swear not the post no images besides one that i create..
but i love quote. it make sense alright. haha

at least it live up my blog :)

i tot i've learnt my lesson,
but why i always have excuses
to break my own rule?
is it i'm thinking too much?
or this is actually meant to be?
but logically, reality..its impossible..
so stupid thoughts.. go away!

i think its better for me to be an old lady and stay with 27 cats -___-



Picture 1
my son. name? "My Son" happy?
isnt him handsome..LOL

something weird about me which i just realize;

- try to stop eating bread, but no doubt, i cant live without them
- cookies are soooo yesterday.. hahahh!!
- i will sit a table with tomato sauces bottle(bright red even better) or a full set of eating utensil (bright red even better) whenever i choose a table in restaurant or cafeteria.
- usually i use my feeling and instinct to buy stuffs rather than my brain (i will think a lot and end up regreting to buy or nt to buy)
- wheather i like it or not..i always end up with the 1st decision i made (its like making a BIG circle -.-)
-if not, i will make a very last min change. so if u cant stand, help me decide! nyhhaahah!
- i cant be alone and not talking to anyone for long, talking to the person inside me makes me even depressing -.-

that's what i can thought of..LOL


take me back

take me back to the time i used to sleep at 8pm,
listen to dad reading bed time story.
Play with voice recorder and made our own story.
Cry and got panic when i cant sleep and roll on the bed after 10.

omg, we used to be that adorable..LOL.

p/s:stole this from my sister blog,
u know i love you and i know u love me too xD


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