forever 21

its been awhile i grab my tablet and draw, for the sake of .. drawing, and nothing else, not assignment related or being force to draw..but only emotion, my mind, my soul.

but frankly i miss painting with real paints and brushes, but rite now, this is good enough.

a month more to go 2011 is coming to the end,
2011 is a one great year of my life, being 21 i realize a lot of things
about life, being myself and others.

every people have unique way of thinking, dont expect what others are thinking, or doing.
dont think about others base on what u know. because u are not them
if not pile of misunderstanding will end up front of u.
and might cause u lost a friend.

try to ask , be open heart,
because their reason and explanation might things u never think of.
and makes u know that person deeper.

just express yourself whenever u think is needed
dont keep it everything inside.

well.. that's a reminder for me, incase u are wondering.. hahaah

although i whine alot (cant avoid, that;s one part of my nature)..
but i'm soo grateful anything that happen, good and bad.

gez, i should really start to learnt not to whine tat much xD haha

never feel so good before.


♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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