Cant be heard

Can you hear yourself whispering?

neither can i ._.


Powerpuff go bye bye =(

My roomie and i went to bank for our debit card, and since she got something to buy, so we went to Jusco later and guess what i saw..


omg omg omg omg
*screaming out loud*

and its 50%-70% off

those clothes are super adorable! sweet colours! Cute design! me likie =D i really wanna buy each and every one of it if i got the chance!but there is one little problem in fact the same o'l problem..they are mainly *ouch*, and only*double ouch* for kids and many aunties were there digging clothes for their daugther, niece? friends' daughter? wait..who cares? ._.
boy, i can feel gloomy clouds on my head already.

so just to cheer myself up,i look around and was dreaming how nice if i could wear 'em
and i found one which i might able to wear *light shines*
boy, God do loves me =D

crossed my finger and tip-toed to the fitting room (hope no one sees me,ppl might think i'm weird)

tada~ not bad for a kid skirt huh? 

But i didnt buy it ._.
because the shoulder part is quite tight*tripple ouch* and i dont have the confident to wear it out*super duoer  ouch* come on' its a kids skirt,ppl might stare at me._. So i try to find some tops but they are too tiny!! oh golly,guess that skirt(which i make it as a blouse) doesnt belongs to me =(
Love'em for almost 9 years now but i've never really own their clothes, but me and my sisters shared a ppg top,which was 7 years ago ,how pathetic is that ._.

its ok,nevermind, a girl cant get all cranky because of this, i'll work and earn hard until i get a big fat piggy bank and someday, one fine day, i'll get custom made ppg clothes (with a little touch of my design of cuz =D) from the cartoon network company itself ..bwahahahhhaa.<--- (what i'll do when i'm rich #1)

a girl can dream cant she? lol! 


I'm old

 a year before
didnt realise my room was so empty before..lol

Time flies, i'm senior already!! 
cheese and whiskers, i'm old.

Being a hostel resident for a year now,
know quite a number of neighbours 
but most of them shifted out,
include Jia Ming who stayed downstairs
boy, gonna miss them,
boy, door knocks will be less frequent now._.

as for me, i will stay in hostel until i graduate.
i feel more secure staying here.
love my roomie, the environment, the neighbors, 
but not the chinese canteen, kakak from the convenience shop.
tat was a long story -.-"

a year after,
i cant stand clean walls ._.

and one thing good about staying hostel is,

u have NO excuse to skip class =D



Ocean Deep

instead of looking high above the sky,
there's no harm look down to the sea once awhile
they are both blue

i should have known

that's what i hate about having too much "me" time ._.


"me" day!! again??!

Another "me" day..me and my computer and nothing else 
i stare at the computer almost for the whole day now, design the banner for the society, and some yadie yada
gowd, my eye is getting smaller ._.

Guess what,for the 1st time i went to Jusco all by myself, 
that's right, all by myself
tis might sounds stupid, but its a very big deal for me tau!
Mummy gonna be so proud, 
bwahahahhaa.. better jot this special day down 

What to do, I have to go there, but none of my hostel buds are back yet 
and the girl needs her fruits and its almost 4 days without a single bite of an apple or a drop of orange pulp?? 
and makes her mood falls down to the drain =((

i cant imagine apple is my comfort food.
It should be chocolates or ice cream!! 
should i be proud or what -.-

p/s: pls ignore the "uncolourful-ness", i'm soo tired, didnt sleep well last night worrying the Jusco thingy.

seriously!! =< 


half dead

Yesterday was society day, freshies flooded the hall to search the societies they want to join, and me as one of the comittee member of the Career guidance society, and yea, i have to persuade freshies to join the society!! its just like those annoying salesperson "forcing" you to buy thier stuffs!! and those who dont know me..


help me
help me
help me
help me
help me
help me

*bang the wall real hard ,whining and roll on the floor at the same time as if is d end of the world*

and golly, the chairperson expect each and everyone of us "pull" 30members..and wanted us to "brag" our society by telling them how good is our society is , the braggier the better ._.

and the thing is.. 
the society is not intereting as it seems, and i was one of the sucker  ._. 
but also nt so bad la,i do learn something and gain some experience(like persuading ppl??)
oppsie did i say tat ,bad me, i'm being disloyal, could some1 hit me??._.

"TARC freshies out there, come'n join us! muahahah!!"
 yea, i look half dead.

anway, the day didnt go quite well..mayb below than average? didnt manage 2 get our target..and those idiotic freshies show their stupid annoying expression when i was trying to talk 2 them,they should tell me politely ,cuz i dont want to waste my saliva too =(


ok i'm done whining, basically i didnt really brag  or force them 2 join though, i just share my personal experience and tell them some of the activities we're goin to have. (this what i call the clean way ..bwahahah) but didnt work really well, but yay me.. at least few of them willing to join =D

and after yadie-yadaing about the society to one of the freshie,

Me: so what course are u in?
Junior: oh, mulitimedia design.
Me: whoa! me too! u're my junior.. hahaha 
Junior: haha.. ya, so what is ur name?
Me: oh me? just call me Jean
Junior: wow, i'm Jane

at least something weird end my day! hahah!! 


Special day =)

Today is my mom's birthday! 
poor me, i cant do anything but wish her Happy birthday through celly ._.


but holly golly, i manage 2 eat the bday cake this year,  because we celebrate mom's birthday last sunday *grin* and 5 of us aka  jakuns made a card for her.I do the drawing part and the color touch up while the jakuns do the rest. (hope they do it nicely..if nt....)

hope jakuns at home being good 2day.. at least for today =)



Aunty Jean cant wait to meet y'all tomorrow =)

hope i didnt miss out a thing.
i'm lazy to pack


some 1 new in the house

welcome to the family =)

She is a 3 months old pup called Yogurt . I dont know what breed she is but i hope she is a mix golden retriever =D wit flappy ears, strong body, long fluffy fur (remind
s me of sunsilk ad)


My brother starts to treat the pup as his but my beloved brother cant be bothered to clean her poops and trust me, my bro will dump her in
 no time , nevertheless, my mom have to do all the job. and y i'm not suprise 

when comes to name her, we are having quite a "hard" time to choose her a name. Since she got a fur mark thing which shape of a Y at her back, so we wanna find a name which starts wit letter Y. yo-yo, york, yogi, yo, yoga(reminds me of taiwanese singer)yasmin??! yumcha?? lol!

 but my brother insists golden or dragon -.- 
 and dad have to pujuk him for quite sometime

She's good in posing -.-"

So sad that i only got less than 2 days wit her. dad should brought her back earlier! -.- 


anyway, hope she will recognise me next time when i come home =D
Guess i have  to snap few photos again of her tomorrow.. incase i regret ..huhu ._.



my good'ol broadband is working fine..but,
cant sign in msn, sometimes its hangs up, sometimes load very slow for no reason...yadie yada...

*bang the wall real hard*

bt, at least i still able go on9 if nt u wont seeing me blogging rite nw..lol!for half a day, the line goes crappy right after 8pm.. i dont know why. Golly, just felt like hugging my little broadband... 

but there is a titsy weeny little problem..

I CANT see my baby!!!

huhuhu!!! cheese and whiskers! wondering hows my baby doin
oh lord!! my baby haven't done racing!! i havent feed him ._. 

 *rolling on the floor *

pls come home dear streamyx    


wishing star

"It's hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet,
and lookin' back in all of that, 
its nice to believe"

listening to the same songs 
until the night ends*


curse the thunder!

My router isn't working all thanks to the stupid thunder storm and same goes to my 3g broadband daddy forgot to pay the bills ..lol for the pass few days. so i'm just like a hermit crab doin nothing. 4get about watching tv, my dad took the astro smartcard wit him to estate so astro is only available during weekend.. well, tats our family rules -.-

 on the brightside, i help my mummy alot with the chores.

and the part i'm very proud about is i'm still surviving without goin on9 for few days~~
(see? i can live without internet..lol)

but holly molly,  its driving me nuts after the 4th day. ._.

because i miss my baby so badly ._. 
(normally i visit him everyday without fail..hows a mummy gonna live without seeing her baby 4 days?!?!)

my restaurant needs to get open for business!! 
(can u imagine how much lost i make within tat 4days??!) 
i was waiting for important e-mails about the society day and i have to send the society flyers to my boss(aka chairlady) as soon as possible

and bla bla bla..yadie yada.
*banging on the wall*

for some reason, my mood is terrible horrible lately, s0 i find my punching pillow or my scratching pole last sunday... The swimming pool =D

*yay! my broadband is working.. but not my streamyx ._.


Silent converstation

U're far away nw,

i'll rememer all the times we had. 

hope to meet you again someday,

and talk to u,

without a single word

internet problem,
sis's attitude,
cant see my baby
even my restaurant.
and yadie yada._.

i'm down into the drain ._.



be green! save the earth!

Sometimes my mom can be very interesting , because she always get into something different. all da time
from cooking , recycling, go organic, keep chickies behind our house(fyi:she hates animals) and  yadie yada~ 

for now, she's currently into..

*drum roll!*


its a natural detergent which makes from fruits or vege waste , water and brown sugar  
with the little help  of  Fermentation (see? i still remember my chemistry..lol)

my mom starts to tell me about this wonder thing since the day i come back from kl. 
and wanted me to do some research on it 
she already create 2 big container and now doin the 3rd.
and she really cant wait to use it 0.0 

But anyway, i really did some research on it. 
cuz i think its quite interesting  too *lol*
  • make from kitchen waste
  • non toxic  (no chemical thingy are used!)
  • Insect hate it, (good natural pesticide and herbicide)
  • it cleans almost anything! (say good bye to expensive n useless detergent laying around the house!! yay!)

so those tree huggers out there, anyone who is trying to make earth a better place or anyone just simply wanted to save money on detergent *lol* 

so, lets start collecting banana skins! apple core y'all=D

BUT for nw, i think not everyone able to accept it 
(just imagine, using rotten banana skins for our laundry? ewww)
but anyway, whoever wanna try, here's how you begin.

 do search trough the internet for the complete process =) 
or visit TheStar

its so environmental friendly!
besides cleaning, it can be fertilizer 
not to mention, it helps to reduce global warning as well!

Golly! a gift from heaven =)

** Bet Elie gonna like tis =P 

There's solution for every problem we have,
we just gotta find it. that's all =)



*Drum roll*

Welcome 2 my new blog! i've decided to dump my old blog, in fact, i'm considering about changing since last year.. but well, i'm lazy ._. i dont really like live space cuz i cant customize much, and its such a pain to upload pictures in live space cuz my line is quite *ahem* so ended up felt very lazy to update my blog.. just take a look at my last update, shame of me ._. since many of my friends are using blogger and i have a gmail acc(which make my life very easy) but pitty me, i've spent few whole days doin it(cuz i dunno how ._.) finally..*tada* here i am..

I'll still keep my old blog though since its mostly about my secondary school years.(it acompannies me for almost 4 years ._.) and sometimes is quite fun to read'em back.. haha..

btw, here is my old bloggie link, do feel free to stop by =)

basically my blog will be about anything which pop out from my head or in short... random.. so if sometimes u dont understand my post.. its ok..cuz i might nt understand either =)

lots to do! lots to learn!
what to do? i'm a new blogger ._.


♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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