be green! save the earth!

Sometimes my mom can be very interesting , because she always get into something different. all da time
from cooking , recycling, go organic, keep chickies behind our house(fyi:she hates animals) and  yadie yada~ 

for now, she's currently into..

*drum roll!*


its a natural detergent which makes from fruits or vege waste , water and brown sugar  
with the little help  of  Fermentation (see? i still remember my chemistry..lol)

my mom starts to tell me about this wonder thing since the day i come back from kl. 
and wanted me to do some research on it 
she already create 2 big container and now doin the 3rd.
and she really cant wait to use it 0.0 

But anyway, i really did some research on it. 
cuz i think its quite interesting  too *lol*
  • make from kitchen waste
  • non toxic  (no chemical thingy are used!)
  • Insect hate it, (good natural pesticide and herbicide)
  • it cleans almost anything! (say good bye to expensive n useless detergent laying around the house!! yay!)

so those tree huggers out there, anyone who is trying to make earth a better place or anyone just simply wanted to save money on detergent *lol* 

so, lets start collecting banana skins! apple core y'all=D

BUT for nw, i think not everyone able to accept it 
(just imagine, using rotten banana skins for our laundry? ewww)
but anyway, whoever wanna try, here's how you begin.

 do search trough the internet for the complete process =) 
or visit TheStar

its so environmental friendly!
besides cleaning, it can be fertilizer 
not to mention, it helps to reduce global warning as well!

Golly! a gift from heaven =)

** Bet Elie gonna like tis =P 

There's solution for every problem we have,
we just gotta find it. that's all =)

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