hostel madness

As a hostel resident for almost 1 1/2 years and i didn't expect i able to know a bunch of hostel-mates. Shout at the walkway just to ask "how are u" or "what are u doing" whenever we see each other although we are few rooms distance,have meals together, sometimes We will knock each other doors to disturb each other or dig gossip..xP My poor roommate, our room always being "attacked" whenever she's in the study mood. x)

that's one of the reason why i love my hostel :)


do u hear me?

I dont celebrate Christmas , but christmas was one of my favorite festival of them all.

nice Christmas songs with slow and peaceful melody with sprinkles of joyful rhythms which i able to sing along. interesting movie i anticipated to watch and eye catching decorations everywhere especially the beautiful christmas tree dangles with colorful ornaments :)

but this year i do nt feel the same way like before.

wondering was it me or Santa listed me in his bad kid list?



the girl is back in action :D

how are u bloggy? do you miss me? sorry for abandon you for months.

how are u my fellow readers? i know is only few of them(n most of them i know who they are,lol) . but still, i really do appreciate for u guys stopping by :)

wondering how was my lost contacted friends doin. hope they are doin fine too.


5 mins post

i do have my dark moments. As so you know i dont like black or any dark colours. (black isnt a colour okaaay) but dark colours are still acceptable sometimes.

sometimes i got the urge to change my personality,like be more "cooler"? yet it doesn't last long.

mom say i dont look good in glasses.
dont worry, i'm not short sighted nor long :x

guess it's just me.


short update

My family came back to Malacca at friday, i bet they are eating n shopping rite nw.. while i cant even join them as so u know my dead line is near.. i've been starring at the computer at least 15+ hours a day for almost a month now.. but my work are heading to no where..

although spent most of my time in front of the computer, but i x manage to blog. (i'll spend almost half of my day to create a post.. slow? i know)

i even forget to sign in msn ._. but at least i on my fb all da time ><"

frankly, i miss my blogging moments.. I miss my colour pencils and my drawing block..
Bloggy, i will come back to you during christmas :)

* i try not to think too much,
all i wanna care is my assignments.


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