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*Maybe the last thing i need to worry 
is what others think.



I think its been awhile i last drawn wide eyed girl, who ppl thinks she is scary. hahaa. Is not that i enjoy paint about "blood" but is i want to overcome my mild fear of blood. i will get all shaky especially i see dripping bloods, even red paint on my hands drive me crazy. how could i fear of blood as its all in our body and keeping us alive.


Frozen Cherry

another acrylic painting! this time try some 3d texture attempt.

"All that is gold does not glitter, 
not all those who wander are lost; 
The old that is strong does not wither, 
deep roots are not reached by the frost"



Her hair is too precious to meet a scissors, or even a blade.
"maybe i should knit a scarf, and make some1 warm instead."

its been awhile i did not draw little girl in purplely pink dress, i used to draw about her since i was in elementary school, but tat time she have a piggy friend, but the piggy was long gone

"i wish i could remember to always have a kind heart
 and to never think or say anything hurtful to anyone... 
 i will work on having a better heart" 


morning spring.

morning and spring are the best combination ever, hopeful and colorful.

This was actually meant for a poster competition. i modified a little and post it here. because i am really a jinx believer lol, at the same time i was experimenting with vintage storybook style, something simple and i love squirrels.


little lamb

since i was a kid, i always dream myself wearing a painting apron, an artist beret on my head. Like an oh-so great artist wannabe; painting on the canvas on the tri stand; with all sorts colors of paints and brushes around me, messy as can be.  

Finally i made a little tiny part of my childhood dreams come true - paint on a canvas; i call it little because i paint without the beret or the apron or the stand and obviously i dont fell like an oh-so- great artist, hahaha. i really enjoy painting the face and the hair, is like helping someone applying make up haha. but i still cant get her lips right.

Just yesterday i visited one painting shop in the nearby mall. which they sell paintings painted by mostly hong kong or china artist. The smell of the place reminds me of my childhood art teacher's place. As the shop located in a shopping mall not surprise most of the paintings are scenery or pots of flowers (i realize everybody loves pots of flowers painting as house decorations and older Chinese generations loves horses, running horses to be exact, to bring luck in the house, Tiger painting are ppl's fav as well, but since chinese believes tiger are much powerful animal, thus they affect the luck, good or bad easily. so they cant simply hang around the house; same goes to tiger statues or decorations.. and i think my dad love buffaloes paintings, he always ask me why not i paint buffaloes lol)  

Nevertheless there are some of the paintings in the shop do amazed me, especially those Buddha paintings, they even springled glitters all over the painting. What to do, i'm always attracted to Sparkly stuffs hahaaha




"create. share. inspire"

Went to visit VGA fest in Publika last saturday, VGA fest is a gathering for visual arts Scene and showcase all different types of artwork especially experimental. VGA Fest is consists of Exchibition, conference, Screening and audiovisual.

i just manage to visit the exhibitions. These are some of the picture i took which caught my attention hahah.

U might see a heart (obviously) ahah, but if look harder, the heart is made up from words n words in jawi.

 This is my favorite piece among all! hahah. Visitors actually can sit inside. It looks like a glowing bird nest made form shuttlecocks. how nice to have this at home. haaha

 Besides that, i even visit the some art gallery in Publika. Publika is not your typical shopping mall. but a heaven of arts and music. i x saw so many art shops and galleries in a mall before. me soo in loveeee haahahahh!! 

I didnt manage to walk the whole mall, but i like White box art gallery. They exhibits artist sketch books, mix media artworks, sculpture. mostly relates to Local contents.


Dreamcatcher *

"You can feel the light start to tremble,
washing what you know out to sea.
You can see your life out of the window, tonight.

Take us down and we keep trying,
40, 000 feet, keep flying."

It might took quite some time of my life;
i finally dare to dream a little bigger,



♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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