the land i call my home

frankly speaking, i draw this because i miss drawing animals. those feeling is like me carving for cake or salmon. hahaha..i try to focus on red, blue, yellow and white colours (colours of Malaysia's flag) to show some patriotic spirit in me lol

reminds me those days i always draw twin tower, building or kids in all kind of races, etc during medeka poster competition in my school years; nearly every year. During schooling days, August aka Bulan Kemerdekaan is my fav n busiest month. i always in charge on decorating the classroom, help teacher to decorate some boards around the school hall or corridors, create folio aka scrap book for competition and dont forget those never ending marching (kawad kaki) practice under the hot sun -__- 

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia! i'm proud to be a malaysian speaking rojak, eating rojak lol. hope peace and justice will always be with us :) 



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The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists.

This is my "The Conjuring" fanart. just so u know, i'm not really a fan of horror thriller movie, but if i do, it has to be "artistically attractive" for my liking or based on true story hahaha.. and "The conjuring" is a nice movie to watch. i really enjoy the movie, especially the mood and the setting. this movie applied strong heart warming family value and of cause the love between husband and wife; makes me enjoy the movie even more and get all teary at the end :')




she speaks riddles and rhymes, seldom making any sort of sense. She runs towards the warmth of blue and startles at the sight of the sun. She never touches the same colour twice and hums away with her thoughts. 

"What if," she says sometimes, with the stars shining bright in her pupils, "what if we dreamt in colours and lived in black and white, and all of our prince charming become real?"

and then she closes her eyes and recalls memories of things that never happened, birthday parties she missed and holidays that got cancelled. she laughs jokes she never heard and murmurs sweet nothings to people who dont exist 



♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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