gv me a marimo

dajieeeee.. i know its you :P

Any nice question for me? :D




Any nice question for me? :D


God knows

it speaks everything about me alright.

Although my wish dont always come true (well, most of the time..lol) . I still stare at the stars and believe things might be worst if i dont even wish at all.

although its our life, but sometimes life is not just about ourselves.


i'm young..lol

"Happy birthday girl,

you are already 20 years young"

omg my dad.. his sense of humor in sms is improving..lol!!

Although i dont feel old, but compared those young days, which i really hope my big day is special, Spcially about me. Get bday cake, tons of Warm wishes especially from those who near to my heart. Blow out bday Candles is a big must! Get presents unexpectedly.. and those yadie yada which makes a ultimate dream wonderful bday.. i'm a fairy tale kinda person.. in case u are wondering.. hahah!

bUT as time goes by, all my birthday dreams just fades.. Not being as excited as those days. bascaiily i look forward to festive season more..LOL especially christmas (athought i dont celebrate them..lol)

so ya, i didnt expect much for my bday, so it turns out kinda better than i expected. Get tons of wishes.. i know its just from facebook and facebook have reminder. but frankly i just expect like less than 20 greeting..haha .. at least this make me feel like a celebrality for a day..LOL

my day is kinda normal.. except goin to a fine japese restaurtant, those traditioanl jap atnmostphere makes me hyper.. haha.. and i tried the best bbq-smoke salmon!! those half cooked salmon taste like heaven. hahahha!! stuck on the phones with my luv ones and a birthday song from my SAYAAANGGGGGGG!! :D

that;sall the best gift for my bday.. all are kept in my little heart xD

dont know if u guys noticed, the moon is winking or i mean one star on top of the crescent
moon at 11/9 night (my bday eve)

i know my 20 gonna be special :)

(if isnt.. but i will still make sure its special..LOL!!)

seems some of my vvvvvvip 4got loooooo.. (or mayb dunno? :/)
i dont think u know who u are.. :(((


i know i will :)

bump to tis at somewhere.. and i like it..
i know my life is too short to be wasted..


no1 in particular


if you think you are great and perfect. flawless? think again.

then there is one word to describe ya,


wait, is that a flaw? guess you aren't that perfect after all.

oppssie :)


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