i am one big happy mama

I'm soo free, and i never been such free before since my last sem break?? Went to my aunt house, holly cow, i 4got to bring my broadband along, so i'm using my cousin's computer , visit my baby and restaurant.. and answer much quizes i want in facebook instead.
most of the answers i got are quite predictable. and laugh my tummy off on those answers which doesnt make sense and the only quiz which horrified me is the above.

i will get 5-8 kids in the future
*counting fingers endlessly*

modern days(aka rite nw? -.-), 1-3 is a guidline of number of kids in a family..ppl will stare at u and wondering "what are u thinking??!" or amaze u (if lucky enuff) if u have more than 3 kids.

is the burden? or ppl want more freedom. ..bla bla bla i dont know
anyway imagine those little angles running around , showing cute"puppy face" when they need huggies..telling them bedtime story, kissing 5-8 little foreheads before they head to bed.. ..*melting*

hang on.. why am i saying or fussing about tis.

its just a quiz!!

i know

anyway.. happy merdeka =)


tada! =/

This is one of my very 1st animation clips...Enjoy!!
The quality of the clips are slightly affected.. i'm still struggling how to convert flash into video clip ._.
I'll try to improve it on my next one.

psst.. incase u're wondering BunnyL is combination of bunny and Lynn (my name) and i use the "nn" as the bunny's ears



I'm officially over with my assignments, pass everything up. Semester break is near! This is the moment i've been waiting for since... the beginning of the sem? =/ LOL joking.. despite the though moment during struggling in assignment frankly i quite enjoy this semester

but i'm not as happy as i expect i'm going to be.. Wondering whether i throw all my effort into my assignments. but somehow i know i can do much better. nw i felt myself like a total...


Just ignore me, i'll be fine in no time.

p/s: finally our "girl's day out" has succeed! =D

j'mee picture picture!!!


last min change

at home for the whole month!
makes Jean Lynn the happy girl =)

For the very 1st time Home sick strikes me terribly , beginning of this semester in fact =( plus those pressure and dead-end i meet during assignments

makes me miss home even more =((

Actually i'm goin back to malacca because i sem breaks its only 2 weeks and the holiday fall on raya
which means expensive plane ticket =( that's why i dont really like air asia since the beginning, they are really pure evil!

Lucky me, i only got 1 exam to sit for this semester and i'm all done, which leave me 1 month holiday =D

i cant wait to play lantern with jakuns >.<"

which i missed last year



sem break is around corner y'all!!

but one weeny little problem i'll face before sem break is,

i do not know where to balik
(sounds silly, i know -.-)

my mom insists me go back to Sabah while my grandma want me back to Malacca..
sometimes its hard to decide although i know where i wanna balik,
(fyi: i'm orang melaka duduk di sabah -.-)

if i want to go back sabah
grandma: "dont go back to sabah lah, come here n pei popo la..i cook nice dishes for u. go back to sdk for what la? also infront of the computer..here also can on9 mah......"

if i want to go back to malacca
mother: "aiya.. come home la, tell me what can u do at malacca? you will be staring at the computer or watch tv with grandparents for the whole month..bla bla bla"

p/s: i'm not a computer geek!!!!!!! T-T

this is what will happen if u got two places u call home

but nw, i want to go back to sabah more ._.
but i promise grandma balik to malacca ._.

oh me oh my ._.



i just cant stop munching!!

4 of us (the Js and Dajie) plan to have girls day out yesterday, we plan real hard and we cant wait to indulge ourself the list of food we x eat for age! (ahem, i mean x eat be4, in my case la)

but cheese and whiskers!!.. we postponed our plan and ended up in the library.. AGAIN..
cuz they haven't finish Mr Clifford's assignment, and i just recovered.

besides, i didn't know Snack assignments is soo soon ._.

so yea... cant wait for next week..

i'll be free like a brid =D

poor met,i x buy any prunes since after i finished my last container of prunes. because Jusco sell'em in quite a unreasonoble price..

I'm wondering how many prunes freaks are they like me until the sales of demand so high and Jusco have to sell it for rm8.59 and call it promotion price -.-

Anyway, i found my new-old obsession, DIGESTIVE BUSCUITS!!!

reminds me how often i munch 'em when i was back home <3

golly, one regular pack last me a week =/



Had fever for the past few days, i spent that good few days ..sleeping -.- so i only manage to finish the documentations for Mr Clifford's assignments last night.

I officially completed my interface design's assignments y'all =D
i've been waiting for this for a looong time
*hallelujah song playing, or i mean looping=P*

Remember my "always-isnt-working" braodband?

She's back in action
rite after i completed my ID assignment =D
*hallelujah song playing. again!!

This "cant-on9-during-critical-moment" happen all the time since i was sitting for my PMR, when i cant even connect to tm net during PMR period, and during SPM trial, my sreamyx router isnt working until i've complete my trial!!! and i always tot is my dad who is all behind this =/

n now, my beloved braodband..

weird... =/

should start my final assignment now =/

chop chop chop!!



stare at flash and illustrator almost everyday
as a lefty,
i'm quite proud of myself
that i able to draw faster in illustrator..lol




i'm doin about her on ma current assignments..


not again =(

this exactly describe my current situation.
just not the "botak-nesss"

i've run out of ideas ..again!!
my broadband isnt working.. again!!
my emotion isnt stable..again!!
everything is run out of order.. again!!
many stuffs running in my head..again!!

so, here am i.. whining..


ok..i'm done


glad that i've found u =)

Tally!! i miss u so!!

Tally(p/s: yea, he got a name) was my favorite mechanical pencil since high school years, but he got disappeared middle of nowhere for quite a long time. i search high and low but he was no where to be found.

i though i've lost him since then =(

without realizing, finally i found Tally 2day, i was so thrilled.

All this while , Tally basically he was playing hide and seak with me
and hide in my pink bag pack,
which i carry to college every single day =)

p/s: most of my belonging have a name=)
i'll call 'em baby if they doesnt have any
objects have feelings to okay....

special note for my dear Eunice..
happy birthday!!!! hope u enjoy ur special day although u're far away from home=)
i tried to sms you but could be delivered ._.
so i've sent u greeting via face book instead ._.


Taggies! Part 2

【People Tagged】

sorry ! =x

1-Kitty Meow
4 -Elie (if she still remember her password..lol)
6-Jakun Yee yee
9-Ah Kit

01-【Does no.4 know no.6?】: dont think so.
02-【No.10 is a male or?】:male
03-【The hobby of no.8】:not sure, in front of the computer i guess.. lol
04-【Does no. 1 have any siblings】:1 bro
05-【The surname of of no.7】:Leng
06-【Does no.10 have a lot of friends?】: as i know.. quite.
07-【Anyone tackling no.4?】:ohohohohohoho.... =DD
08-【If no.2 is being introduced?】:the pretty girl wit big eyes =P
09-【The favourite colour of no.6】: red, black..pink =P
10-【Where is no.5 studying currently?】: Aussie.. cant wait to meet u =(
11-【How do you know no.10?】: Red crescent Society during high school
12-【Whats the difference between the birth month of no.1 and you?】: around 4 months
13-【Ever hang out with no.9?】: wit U1 gangs, didnt hang out as much as previous sems.
14-【Do you like to chat with no.2?】: totally =3
15-【Like to be with no.3?】: yeah and not forgetting jy and elie dajie =D
16-【How do you think about no.7?】: able to make one's life interesting.. haha!
17-【How do you think about no.9?】: one of the sifu in class ..HEHEHE
18-【Do you love no.5? 】:uh huh!! the closest tuition ji mui ever =D

1.Who tagged you with this questionnaire? : Jia ming sayang

2.How long have you known him/her : last year.

3.Do you think that he/she is important to you? : yeap!

4.Your relationship with him/her : sayang =D and my ex blockmate ._. she shifted out. sigh miss the moments when when she was around.

5.Whats his/hers hobby? : listen to songs..her music player always at her side..heheh

6.What do you think about his/her personality? :dreamer, friendly(bt not really with strainger) seldom see her garang =P, bt think alot n get emo often.

7.His/her points of importance in your heart : although we know each other in a short period, bt we have this same "frequency" between each other and makes us able to talk about almost everything as if we know each other for a long time =)


is weekend already?? T.T

Is not that i was too free (i hope i was!!) to create this lame graphic above, is just that i was stuck in middle of nowhere on my assignments. for heaven's sake,


*bang the wall triple double hard*

anyway, that's was my so called sleeping timetable.. as u can see.. i dont really have a fixed sleepie time nowadays =(

this might explain why i'm miss grumpy lately ._.


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