i just cant stop munching!!

4 of us (the Js and Dajie) plan to have girls day out yesterday, we plan real hard and we cant wait to indulge ourself the list of food we x eat for age! (ahem, i mean x eat be4, in my case la)

but cheese and whiskers!!.. we postponed our plan and ended up in the library.. AGAIN..
cuz they haven't finish Mr Clifford's assignment, and i just recovered.

besides, i didn't know Snack assignments is soo soon ._.

so yea... cant wait for next week..

i'll be free like a brid =D

poor met,i x buy any prunes since after i finished my last container of prunes. because Jusco sell'em in quite a unreasonoble price..

I'm wondering how many prunes freaks are they like me until the sales of demand so high and Jusco have to sell it for rm8.59 and call it promotion price -.-

Anyway, i found my new-old obsession, DIGESTIVE BUSCUITS!!!

reminds me how often i munch 'em when i was back home <3

golly, one regular pack last me a week =/

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