About me

* she speaks riddles and rhymes, seldom making any sort of sense; unicorn and rainbow lover but sometimes a little bit of a downer.  

* She loves to designs, decorates, crafting ,and paint anything out from her mind.

* she cant stand blank wall, page, her head, etc.. (she used to have nightmares of human without face probably which kind freak her out until today)

* her life savior = stickers, peanut butter sandwich, bread, hot chocolate/milo

* she loves animals, nature, color, rhyme, stationary, books, inspiring quotes, illustration, lyrics, poem, cake with cream topping and the list goes on..

* she born (HAH!) to decorate/design but hopefully to be a storybook illustrator or a handicraft artist someday :)

* she feels the best after cleaning stuffs and dawn. or do spring cleaning at 4am. and she loves sunrise.

* she's fickle minded, she cant seat still, her mind always float around, she's all over the place. yet, her feet still remain on the ground

* she's little bit of everything


binatang paling comel?? lalala!~

harimau xD aku serious ni!

Any nice question for me? :D


kanye west is handsome yamoh

dajie,.i know its you -.-

Any nice question for me? :D


klw di bagi pilihan , mau hadiah hari jadi apa ? :)

album taylor swift XD

Any nice question for me? :D


my son (detailed)


well, this is my son, again. hahah.. if u are aware of my blog, i think u know he is not any ordinary sculpture, he is my beloved handosme son. i'm not bragging, most of the ppl who he meet call him handsome. so dont get me wrong. hahhah


this is the 1st sketch before i make him. actually i wanted to make his hair neat and tidy. but just like her mommy, his hair will never be tidy. (i tried T___T)




p/s: dont ask who is his daddy. who say he need a daddy??! hahahha


no wonderrrrrrr

i cant wait for next week yo!!
assignemnt bye bye and hello freedom, bed!!
i cant wait to meet up my old pals!! huhuhu

btw, that isnt my image, i grab 'em hehe..
i once swear not the post no images besides one that i create..
but i love quote. it make sense alright. haha

at least it live up my blog :)

i tot i've learnt my lesson,
but why i always have excuses
to break my own rule?
is it i'm thinking too much?
or this is actually meant to be?
but logically, reality..its impossible..
so stupid thoughts.. go away!

i think its better for me to be an old lady and stay with 27 cats -___-



Picture 1
my son. name? "My Son" happy?
isnt him handsome..LOL

something weird about me which i just realize;

- try to stop eating bread, but no doubt, i cant live without them
- cookies are soooo yesterday.. hahahh!!
- i will sit a table with tomato sauces bottle(bright red even better) or a full set of eating utensil (bright red even better) whenever i choose a table in restaurant or cafeteria.
- usually i use my feeling and instinct to buy stuffs rather than my brain (i will think a lot and end up regreting to buy or nt to buy)
- wheather i like it or not..i always end up with the 1st decision i made (its like making a BIG circle -.-)
-if not, i will make a very last min change. so if u cant stand, help me decide! nyhhaahah!
- i cant be alone and not talking to anyone for long, talking to the person inside me makes me even depressing -.-

that's what i can thought of..LOL


take me back

take me back to the time i used to sleep at 8pm,
listen to dad reading bed time story.
Play with voice recorder and made our own story.
Cry and got panic when i cant sleep and roll on the bed after 10.

omg, we used to be that adorable..LOL.

p/s:stole this from my sister blog,
u know i love you and i know u love me too xD


no update.. sorry!

sorry for no updates.. dating with my assignments.. wondering why tooks me soo long to finish them.. huhuhuh..

anyway, this is one of my assignment.

well, cut outs are the best thing i could ever do..lol


What type of songs do you like?

any song with pleasant melody with great lyrics for sure :D

Any nice question for me? :D


guess who am i?who am i?who am i? mayb u can guess correctly mayb cant.. guess guess guess!! hahah~

jamyeee or jiaming sayang? heheheh!!

Any nice question for me? :D


i really wan a marimo :(

dajie..... i know its uu.. again.

Any nice question for me? :D


gv me a marimo

dajieeeee.. i know its you :P

Any nice question for me? :D




Any nice question for me? :D


God knows

it speaks everything about me alright.

Although my wish dont always come true (well, most of the time..lol) . I still stare at the stars and believe things might be worst if i dont even wish at all.

although its our life, but sometimes life is not just about ourselves.


i'm young..lol

"Happy birthday girl,

you are already 20 years young"

omg my dad.. his sense of humor in sms is improving..lol!!

Although i dont feel old, but compared those young days, which i really hope my big day is special, Spcially about me. Get bday cake, tons of Warm wishes especially from those who near to my heart. Blow out bday Candles is a big must! Get presents unexpectedly.. and those yadie yada which makes a ultimate dream wonderful bday.. i'm a fairy tale kinda person.. in case u are wondering.. hahah!

bUT as time goes by, all my birthday dreams just fades.. Not being as excited as those days. bascaiily i look forward to festive season more..LOL especially christmas (athought i dont celebrate them..lol)

so ya, i didnt expect much for my bday, so it turns out kinda better than i expected. Get tons of wishes.. i know its just from facebook and facebook have reminder. but frankly i just expect like less than 20 greeting..haha .. at least this make me feel like a celebrality for a day..LOL

my day is kinda normal.. except goin to a fine japese restaurtant, those traditioanl jap atnmostphere makes me hyper.. haha.. and i tried the best bbq-smoke salmon!! those half cooked salmon taste like heaven. hahahha!! stuck on the phones with my luv ones and a birthday song from my SAYAAANGGGGGGG!! :D

that;sall the best gift for my bday.. all are kept in my little heart xD

dont know if u guys noticed, the moon is winking or i mean one star on top of the crescent
moon at 11/9 night (my bday eve)

i know my 20 gonna be special :)

(if isnt.. but i will still make sure its special..LOL!!)

seems some of my vvvvvvip 4got loooooo.. (or mayb dunno? :/)
i dont think u know who u are.. :(((


i know i will :)

bump to tis at somewhere.. and i like it..
i know my life is too short to be wasted..


no1 in particular


if you think you are great and perfect. flawless? think again.

then there is one word to describe ya,


wait, is that a flaw? guess you aren't that perfect after all.

oppssie :)


10 people

Picture 4


1. Thank you for making me the luckiest girl on the earth, You always give the best your girls but i dont think i give the best to you. Sorry for letting you down sometimes especially when i was still a , or show my temper and you still try to cheer me up patiently. Being supportive on my decisions whether is good or bad.. i know i'm not a good daughter, But at least i made u proud at least once, which makes feel i've accomplish something big in my life :)

2. Although you nag alot, but i know u love your jakuns and we love you too!! you have the best jokes and a strong though mama inside out. We respect and admire u much *love*

3. Dear you, although sometimes u get my nerves and we somehow "quarrel" but i know this is the way we communicate and makes us got closer. Nomatter how annoy you are, but your caring side are unbeatable. you always been a big sister to me :)

4. Dear you, although it just few years i known you, but somehow we like able to read each other mind which makes me like known you for my whole life. Although we seldom contact each other, i might not be that significant in your life anymore. but you always be my greatest sayang ;)

5 Dear you, be and think positive, and things will fall into place. u are always beautiful, trust me ;)

6. Dear you, thank you for making me realize positive things in everything.Although sometimes you're mood is down but u always shine and never fails to cheer everyone up, esp our kakis. Your hair-scrubbing annoys me sometimes but somehow i feel warm and good inside :D

7. Dear you, i cant deny you play a great impact of my life . Ruining them or making them interesting, do things that i unexpected to do. but as days goes, thought i know you well, but all i've realise you are just like a mirror, reflecting to one's what they wanna see and makes me actually believe there is someone actually understands me and making me feel special. and its nice for awhile infact was more than 3 years . say me blunt, just realise you're actually do the same to everyone else. Worst thing is i'm nothing but a cat starching pole. As a friend this used to hurt me.. A.L.O.T . Deny it if you want to . because i able to get over it and move on . i'm grateful we still contact each other one word or two :)

8. Dear you, you always say you're unwanted, and used to tell me be careful, and i deserve much better guy which I think its odd but i didn't care much, as i took it as a joke,but surprisingly you always stuck in my head lately. but i choose to remain silent as i'm not sure about myself , moreover i bet u have someone else.

9. Dear you, you , you , you, you you and you!!!miss you guys knocking at the door and intrudes each other room although we are busy with our assignments and shout HI and BYE at the walkway. hang out together, talk and laugh. thanks for making my hostel life soo memorable. my best hostel life ever :)

10. SCREW YOU!! . i know u're great.. but dont think you are hell of grand..many ppl are way better than you do.

and Dear you, you , you , you , you ,you , you , you you , you , you you , you , you you , you , you and you..i miss youuuu..i miss tuitions and i miss high school years :(


Mind are stuck with assignment stuffs. brainstorming for good ideas are killing me. So pardon me for being a ninja and disappear time to time and unable to update frequently.. . Post this just to let you know my blog still alive. Who knows i might ninja again.. haha!


lion roars!

Picture 2

This is my typography tutorial class exercise.. tracing lesson.. haha! i dont mind learn AI all over again .. because i just love this software .. like how i love my chocolate milk.

Although i'm not a beginner (nor an expert) but i did learnt something about AI which i didnt even know about which didnt being thought previously.

btw, about the picture, just play around the shapes with the pathfinder tools and the transparency tool, and of course the drop shadow from the stylized tool, in case you are just wondering. haha.

pardon for the mumble jumble.. maybe i was highly over dosed with milo drink with extra cocoa..

oh ya, the lion design wasnt mine, but the background was :D hahah!

its nice to be a noob sometimes.. hahah!

i just realised i miss someone
who no one expect i will actually miss..
yea.. its you.. dont deny.. is really you.
-a little confession of mine-


My Weekend

Picture 4

Did not go anywhere because i have so much to do and my head still floating. Nose is stuffing, legs are freezing, throat is aching. Make me feel so bad of myself for being so unproductive for this weekend and drink 6 mug of milo perday to keep me warm..satisfied.. and happy..lol. Watch tv and youtube not because i'm free but for the sake of inspiration, or maybe that is one of my excuse for escaping assignments

speaking of which, thinking idea or brainstorming is the hardest process when starting an assignments. have to think something SPECIAL, UNIQUE, IMPRESSIVE can be very tiring. But when we think our idea was a big wooh la-la, doesn't means the lecturer will have the same wooh la-la in their mind, which drag me into the drain.


so long , fur ball

Picture 3

she left my dad and never come back.

In case you're wondering which cat, or u might forget. This is the little fur ball i'm talking about.

The little fur ball, who purr and meow, turn up n down just to get one's attention (esp human with food..haha!) leave after her few weeks' stay. It was more than a month ago. My dad think might be the night guard who give her a new home. I think its kinda make sense as the poor lonely guard patrol all alone at nite, or mayb little meow had find a new home for herself where she can find better left overs than my dad could ever offer?

Picture 2

I post any stuffs regardless when they happen and i dont feel "out-dated". Just depends whether i have the mood to talk about it or not..that's my style i guess :P

Picture 5

purr me, if we ever meet again :)

comes and go,
left are photos.




sinking and dreaming, in my hair

if u did actually realise, i love to draw character with thier eye closed its beacause i'm lazy to draw the eyes.. nah , that's isnt really the reason. haha .

Anyway, millions of amazing ideas and dream played in our head,
but when we open our eyes, reality struck ins and kill most the dreams we dream.

Is not reality or what so ever standing in our way,
but we ourself standing in our own way.

closing my eyes is like keeping my hopes and dreams
protect'em and seal them tightly
because i'm still learning to get out from my way.

i'm a big bulky stone, i know.


being frank

i'm superduper insecure,

about uni,
about assignments,
as a human being,
about almost everything

dont ask me what's goin on because i just dont know where to begin with.

i was sooooooo insecure until there is no picture or what so ever images for tis post.
drink 2 cups of choc milk in every meal,
buy mc flurry or mc sundae when stop by in any mc restaurant.
craving for ice blended, esp mocha or mint.
this is sad.. i know.

guess i have to hold on.
i will be fine




pardon me, my little brain have limited storage,
leave me no room for scratches and sores that ache.
there are countless of nice wonderful memories to treasure :)

Just read a post from my sister (aka Jakun no.3) 's blog and i couldn't agree more. The girl seems have moved on, or she seems "ok" or "all right". after just being dumped from relationship she is really serious into, but actually she is deeply wounded inside which makes like impossible to heal.

you might think why girls love to act.. its easy,

we are not soft,
we have our own dignity ,

in another words for guys.. its ego.

we dont fall in love easily,
but once we fall,
we fall hard.

p/s: i've never been into a relationship before,
so dont get me wrong..


new place

Picture 6

After attending my convocation at TARC, we started to get busy for my new hostel thingy, (check-in, shift some stuffs of mine to my new "home". Booked a single room intially, but due to some problemo..they forgot to reserve a room for me.. and now single room was fully booked. so i have to stay in a twin room. I will be staying a house with china girls ( one korean girl moved out) and share with a girl from China.. i didnt see this coming as i was mentally prepared for a single room.. i was about to faint or scream (as if i possibly could..haha)

i was soooo down, worries and "what-ifs" keep hitting my head. Dad just pat me and say everything will be just fine. if things didnt turn out well.. go CHANGE ANOTHER ROOM -_-"

Picture 7

When i start staying here, you coudnt imagine how down i was. Mayb i was home sick and "TARC hostel sick".. i think my emo-ness was soo obvious until it really shows in my face or like holding a sign saying "I'M SAD.. I WANNA GO HOME" .. my parents and relatives phone me few times daily just to make sure whether i'm ok and whether get used to the new environment.

My side of the room.

Currently staying with 5 china girls and i'm the only local.Ppl i see around the condo are foreigners around the world, which makes me think i'm a foreigners myself(there is one pakistan girl staying the same block with me offers me help if i need any..weird, i know)

Picture 11

Now i can swim or hit to the gym whenever i want and watch tele (no astro) or standing at the balcony looking the stars or just being busy body, watching ppl walking at he poolside when my broadband was down.. chit chatting with my housemate and hope to polished my "oh so good mandrin" one day .. guess living here isnt that bad :/

Picture 13

My roomate's side of the room.. quite a nice girl, we get along just fine. she is 2 years my junior. did i meantion she LOVES TAYLOR SWIFT songs too!!!!!!She switch off the air cond every morning because she knows i'm shivering :)

My housematesPicture 2
Solved my cable-tangle problem.. my idea..yay me!! :D

I was quite grateful and lucky, blessed with clean friendly housemates. I fit in quite fast, although sometimes i dont really understand what they are talking about.

Picture 4
Stuffs on my bed :D

Picture 5
Dajie..is this familiar to you? :P

I consider myself lucky, as i have a very very very clean toilet, kitchen to use (thanks to my housemate, who will knock at one's door and nag if either one of us dont keep the place clean) , but she is a quite friendly person though :)

Today was my 1st week anniversary staying here, and i SURVIVE. Dad was right, everything did goes a-o-kay.

Picture 10

Things didnt really go what i've expected, but it is better than what i've expected.

the problem i have now is.. MY BROADBAND IS A SNAIL (speed light during the dawn).. i was born to face broadband problem.. yeah -_-v


i'm back


my very first wacom painting *pat myself on the back*
thank you daddy for the graduation present!

Life doesnt always go my way,
but i'm happy things eventually turn out to be.
life isnt that bad at all :)

*hug hug hug to jeimi*


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