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After attending my convocation at TARC, we started to get busy for my new hostel thingy, (check-in, shift some stuffs of mine to my new "home". Booked a single room intially, but due to some problemo..they forgot to reserve a room for me.. and now single room was fully booked. so i have to stay in a twin room. I will be staying a house with china girls ( one korean girl moved out) and share with a girl from China.. i didnt see this coming as i was mentally prepared for a single room.. i was about to faint or scream (as if i possibly could..haha)

i was soooo down, worries and "what-ifs" keep hitting my head. Dad just pat me and say everything will be just fine. if things didnt turn out well.. go CHANGE ANOTHER ROOM -_-"

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When i start staying here, you coudnt imagine how down i was. Mayb i was home sick and "TARC hostel sick".. i think my emo-ness was soo obvious until it really shows in my face or like holding a sign saying "I'M SAD.. I WANNA GO HOME" .. my parents and relatives phone me few times daily just to make sure whether i'm ok and whether get used to the new environment.

My side of the room.

Currently staying with 5 china girls and i'm the only local.Ppl i see around the condo are foreigners around the world, which makes me think i'm a foreigners myself(there is one pakistan girl staying the same block with me offers me help if i need any..weird, i know)

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Now i can swim or hit to the gym whenever i want and watch tele (no astro) or standing at the balcony looking the stars or just being busy body, watching ppl walking at he poolside when my broadband was down.. chit chatting with my housemate and hope to polished my "oh so good mandrin" one day .. guess living here isnt that bad :/

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My roomate's side of the room.. quite a nice girl, we get along just fine. she is 2 years my junior. did i meantion she LOVES TAYLOR SWIFT songs too!!!!!!She switch off the air cond every morning because she knows i'm shivering :)

My housematesPicture 2
Solved my cable-tangle problem.. my idea..yay me!! :D

I was quite grateful and lucky, blessed with clean friendly housemates. I fit in quite fast, although sometimes i dont really understand what they are talking about.

Picture 4
Stuffs on my bed :D

Picture 5
Dajie..is this familiar to you? :P

I consider myself lucky, as i have a very very very clean toilet, kitchen to use (thanks to my housemate, who will knock at one's door and nag if either one of us dont keep the place clean) , but she is a quite friendly person though :)

Today was my 1st week anniversary staying here, and i SURVIVE. Dad was right, everything did goes a-o-kay.

Picture 10

Things didnt really go what i've expected, but it is better than what i've expected.

the problem i have now is.. MY BROADBAND IS A SNAIL (speed light during the dawn).. i was born to face broadband problem.. yeah -_-v

Halie  – ( August 1, 2010 at 11:13 PM )  

Can I stay over once in a while? LOL, looks nice, and oh look! chips and petal(is it?) XDDDDD

JLynN  – ( August 2, 2010 at 1:25 PM )  

lol~~ tido kat lantai la u :X hahhah!! i dunno whether the security are strict or not.. yea~~~~.. u still remember their name <3

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