so long , fur ball

Picture 3

she left my dad and never come back.

In case you're wondering which cat, or u might forget. This is the little fur ball i'm talking about.

The little fur ball, who purr and meow, turn up n down just to get one's attention (esp human with food..haha!) leave after her few weeks' stay. It was more than a month ago. My dad think might be the night guard who give her a new home. I think its kinda make sense as the poor lonely guard patrol all alone at nite, or mayb little meow had find a new home for herself where she can find better left overs than my dad could ever offer?

Picture 2

I post any stuffs regardless when they happen and i dont feel "out-dated". Just depends whether i have the mood to talk about it or not..that's my style i guess :P

Picture 5

purr me, if we ever meet again :)

comes and go,
left are photos.

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