This is meow moew(dont blame me kitty!! my dad named her!) She is a stray kitten stay at dad's estate house, my dad dont know where she come from. She is a very "special" cat.. she is the only cat i know who will attach to anyone, purr and walk around your legs as if we know each other very very very well. So basically you dont have to put much effort to carry or cuddle her.. just bring a drumstick will do :D

Its hard to take her picture when she is hungry because she wont sit still and purr around your leg.So obviously in the picture, she is comfortably with a full tummy.

As dad is not a cat lover,he plan not to keep her.. but he will still let her be around the house. At least dad got someone welcome he from work and at least someone enjoyed my dad's left over :P

Picture 4

p/s :
dajie ah.. no jungle cat laaa -.-

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