Puppies.. (fin)

This post is goin to be about my puppies.. again! haha.. if you're bored of my puppies already, dont be, because i'm afraid this might be my last post about them.

Since this is gonna be the last post about the puppies, so i'm gonna introduce them one by one to you. Instead of using photographs, i illustrates them because i always think this way is much more easier.

Unlike kittens, they will sit still when they are full, but puppies moves around all the time except sleeping and eating. So have to put more effort to snap their photos, but i'm lazy and i dont want to be nagged by my Cute little sister(ahem) for stealing her puppy photos again..

so yea.. no photos. haha!

*note : Puppies mummy called Sandal :D

Picture 1

this is the "boys" group. Lucky is the eldest, he is one lucky pup, survival! he almost gone to heaven luckily he manage to be alive, until today! Mom always say he looks like a stray dog though -.-

Teddy bear is my personal favorite puppy.. he is fluffy like a teddy bear. Sandal's bro Jr 's body is so solid and his big paws, like a body builder, looks exactly like his uncle, haha!

Picture 2

These are the princesses,The roughest one would be Thunder, she chew and bite everything lay her eyes on(even her siblings -.-) but luckily most of our shoes are rubber, so not much damage done..haha!

But Crybaby was a total different story.. She is a depress little pup, total cry baby!! she cries every time, she cry in her sleep, when she eat. Even when we carry her. until now we are wondering why, perhaps she's just cant wait for her future home

Happy Junior have a Amazing eyes that shine and fur and feminine, which inherited from her grandma. she have this classic look of a rottweiler, gentle one which everyone adore and her black puppy eyes are shiny as a gem which makes us go *aww!!*

puppy eyes is very powerful indeed, especially when pleading or hoping for somethig..haha

Last but not least is Sandal Junior, she is our cute sweet heart!! If she is a human, she might be the cheerful little girl with cute flora dresses. haha! She looks exactly like her mom when she was a pup!! Gentle and soft.. She is our princess.. She is soo gentle, so its no surprise she never win a fight before with her siblings.

Well that's all about the puppies.. i know some of the names are odd.. but that's their temporirly name, how we differentiate them..we cant call "puppy" to all the puppies all the way right?

its like calling "people" to every people we acknowledge :x (hi people!!! :D)

anyway we still yell "puppy!!" if either or them in any emergency or they just being caught in trouble.

gonna miss each and everyone of you little trouble makers x)

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