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Since little, my hair was never over the shoulder. I keep begging mom for keeping my hair long as most of my friends have beautiful braided hair or piggy tail to school, its like a dream to me. At the age 8, i finally get my mom agreed for not cutting my hair. Its was a dream come true or a chance of life time. but in one condition, i have to manage my own hair.. hahah!!

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Llike other girls, cut or even trim my hair is a very very very big thing. i whine for months after visiting the saloon and swear not to have my hair cut again. But one fine day i was asked whether i wanna trim my hair, without consideration, i nodded my head and said i wanna cut shorter, my hair almost over the waist then. even the hairdresser have to ask me twice to confirm my decision -.-""

Is not that i was heart broken or break up with my boyfriend (wait till i have one -.-") Basically i have no particular reason for cutting my hair. Mayb i just dont have the effort to manage my hair.

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okay.. it wasnt that bad. i wasn't that sad, i'm happy, plan to cut my hair again..nyahaha.. but anyway, i probably cry like hell if my hair didnt turns out well..hahahhahha!

i'm glad i cut my hair, i didn't felt that satisfied after cutting my hair before, not to mention the longest hair cut ever. honestly i was shivering through the whole progress.

Picture 10

The girl in my blog still remains with her two piggy tail anyway. how the girl to be the girl without her piggy tail?? is like the car without the wheels, or the bottle without its cap! that's a disaster!! besides i always draw myself with piggy tails since forever.. hahah!

Halie  – ( July 12, 2010 at 11:41 PM )  

LOL.... heart stays piggy tails dah cukup la... XD

JLynN  – ( July 13, 2010 at 1:08 AM )  

lol!! yalo.. even until i'm 30 xD

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