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TEN things about yourself:
  • colours i like are earthy, brown..something soft. but doesn't mean i dont like rainbow :D
  • i always thought i will actually go to the moon since i was little.. one day.. one fine day.
  • I dont go out often, normally i live in my head.
  • normally i dont eat suppers .. because i most probally get very energetic and cant sleep later at night.
  • when i'm eating Japanese food, esp sasimi. i got sooo excited and felt i'm the happiest girl on earth
  • instead of having sweeet tooth, i'm having a sour-tooth. (ppl always think my acidic level are higher than average -_-)
  • i get happy, sad, excited, moody sometimes annoyed, very very very easily.. even tiny weeny stuffs. (uggh..)
  • i love being sweaty
  • i am little bit of everything.
  • my name is not ei or ui (so dont call me "eh" or "ui" , mind you c: )
  • i'm afraid of ppl yelling, screaming and foul languages (although is not yell at me)

SEVEN ways to win your heart:
  • small little things..
  • really understands what i'm trying to say.
  • able to answer all my stupid questions.
  • be able to hold a conversation with me
  • being cuddled.
  • appreciate what i do? hahahhahhahahahha
  • not showing temper? lol!!

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
  • what i wanna do later.
  • Songs with beautiful Lyrics especially Taylor Swift's
  • wondering about almost everything
  • ppl i missssssss :(
  • random stuffs
  • what's for snack? xD
  • how are you?

FOUR things you do before you fall asleep:
  • fill up my bottle
  • brush my teeth, wash my face..look at the mirror, telling myself good night.
  • listen to songs.. esp Taylor Swift's :)
  • counting sheep all the way to dreamland

FOUR things you see right now:
  • camera
  • lappie brush
  • little portable modem
  • cablesssssssss (ahhhhhh)

Five songs that you listen to often:
  • I go - OST talentime night
  • Untouchable -Taylor Swift
  • Your ex-lover is dead - Stars
  • Super Star- Taylor Swift
  • The tip of the iceberg - Owl City

TWO things you want to do before you die:
  • Go to France and vist Lourvre Museum, Eiffel tower..yadie yada. and eat lots of cheeeeeese!!!!!
  • be at a real palace at least once.

ONE confession:

i'm not bulletproof

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