dear deer.

i'm a expressive person, especially when i'm happy and angry/annoyed but sometimes i just keep things in. Usually people might think i dont talk much about what i feel as i usually the listener or talk about general topics.Basically I love to spill out everything what from my mind , is like a a voice(many of them) inside me try to jumps out and want to meet the world. But somehow tat little voice doesnt know the way out, because i am not good in speech.. seriously lol. so now matter how i try to tell others, people dont really get what i mean, at the end i dont feel "satisfied" and i feel so stupid. hahah.

There is times i am "fluent" in talking. That is when i am in a the mood, nothing holding back in. But usually i will ended up feeling guilty or being to "exposed" and worried did i offended anyone.

occasionally i blog about them but i am lazy and i took a very loooong time to write a post until i feel satisfied. (for example today, because i am free and the mood is there)

The best feeling is when i bump on to quotes or "Statement" or lyrics that hit me, and i will go "U SPEAKS FOR ME!" i will dance to joy (at least my upper half of the body is) i will jot them down, i had a collection previously, but they went bye bye (dont ask me, is a sad case T__T ) Anyway, i admire people who knows how to use and play around with words, not just bombastic or twisted words but simple words to describe something. somehow not straightforawd nor hidden around the bushes,, it just "click" to u.


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