i'm back


my very first wacom painting *pat myself on the back*
thank you daddy for the graduation present!

Life doesnt always go my way,
but i'm happy things eventually turn out to be.
life isnt that bad at all :)

*hug hug hug to jeimi*


Puppies.. (fin)

This post is goin to be about my puppies.. again! haha.. if you're bored of my puppies already, dont be, because i'm afraid this might be my last post about them.

Since this is gonna be the last post about the puppies, so i'm gonna introduce them one by one to you. Instead of using photographs, i illustrates them because i always think this way is much more easier.

Unlike kittens, they will sit still when they are full, but puppies moves around all the time except sleeping and eating. So have to put more effort to snap their photos, but i'm lazy and i dont want to be nagged by my Cute little sister(ahem) for stealing her puppy photos again..

so yea.. no photos. haha!

*note : Puppies mummy called Sandal :D

Picture 1

this is the "boys" group. Lucky is the eldest, he is one lucky pup, survival! he almost gone to heaven luckily he manage to be alive, until today! Mom always say he looks like a stray dog though -.-

Teddy bear is my personal favorite puppy.. he is fluffy like a teddy bear. Sandal's bro Jr 's body is so solid and his big paws, like a body builder, looks exactly like his uncle, haha!

Picture 2

These are the princesses,The roughest one would be Thunder, she chew and bite everything lay her eyes on(even her siblings -.-) but luckily most of our shoes are rubber, so not much damage done..haha!

But Crybaby was a total different story.. She is a depress little pup, total cry baby!! she cries every time, she cry in her sleep, when she eat. Even when we carry her. until now we are wondering why, perhaps she's just cant wait for her future home

Happy Junior have a Amazing eyes that shine and fur and feminine, which inherited from her grandma. she have this classic look of a rottweiler, gentle one which everyone adore and her black puppy eyes are shiny as a gem which makes us go *aww!!*

puppy eyes is very powerful indeed, especially when pleading or hoping for somethig..haha

Last but not least is Sandal Junior, she is our cute sweet heart!! If she is a human, she might be the cheerful little girl with cute flora dresses. haha! She looks exactly like her mom when she was a pup!! Gentle and soft.. She is our princess.. She is soo gentle, so its no surprise she never win a fight before with her siblings.

Well that's all about the puppies.. i know some of the names are odd.. but that's their temporirly name, how we differentiate them..we cant call "puppy" to all the puppies all the way right?

its like calling "people" to every people we acknowledge :x (hi people!!! :D)

anyway we still yell "puppy!!" if either or them in any emergency or they just being caught in trouble.

gonna miss each and everyone of you little trouble makers x)



kitten eating

meow meow is eating. hahaha...

my mom always says i care more about the new born puppies than my neighbor's new born baby. Well i dont know why, but i cant deny :P



Picture 5

we might wonder why
things always have to ended up being soo ugly as its so beautiful before.
instead holding in and blame others for the ugliness that caused,
shouldn't we take it as a turning point?
move forward, let past roll off your shoulder
who knows something better comes along.




This is meow moew(dont blame me kitty!! my dad named her!) She is a stray kitten stay at dad's estate house, my dad dont know where she come from. She is a very "special" cat.. she is the only cat i know who will attach to anyone, purr and walk around your legs as if we know each other very very very well. So basically you dont have to put much effort to carry or cuddle her.. just bring a drumstick will do :D

Its hard to take her picture when she is hungry because she wont sit still and purr around your leg.So obviously in the picture, she is comfortably with a full tummy.

As dad is not a cat lover,he plan not to keep her.. but he will still let her be around the house. At least dad got someone welcome he from work and at least someone enjoyed my dad's left over :P

Picture 4

p/s :
dajie ah.. no jungle cat laaa -.-



Picture 2

my head up in the clouds
Sparks are flying like butterflies and I'm flying high
when I close my eyes,
you play like a movie in my mind
And I wanna rewind,
over and over a thousand times

- day dreams


my hair

Since little, my hair was never over the shoulder. I keep begging mom for keeping my hair long as most of my friends have beautiful braided hair or piggy tail to school, its like a dream to me. At the age 8, i finally get my mom agreed for not cutting my hair. Its was a dream come true or a chance of life time. but in one condition, i have to manage my own hair.. hahah!!

Picture 6

Llike other girls, cut or even trim my hair is a very very very big thing. i whine for months after visiting the saloon and swear not to have my hair cut again. But one fine day i was asked whether i wanna trim my hair, without consideration, i nodded my head and said i wanna cut shorter, my hair almost over the waist then. even the hairdresser have to ask me twice to confirm my decision -.-""

Is not that i was heart broken or break up with my boyfriend (wait till i have one -.-") Basically i have no particular reason for cutting my hair. Mayb i just dont have the effort to manage my hair.

Picture 7

okay.. it wasnt that bad. i wasn't that sad, i'm happy, plan to cut my hair again..nyahaha.. but anyway, i probably cry like hell if my hair didnt turns out well..hahahhahha!

i'm glad i cut my hair, i didn't felt that satisfied after cutting my hair before, not to mention the longest hair cut ever. honestly i was shivering through the whole progress.

Picture 10

The girl in my blog still remains with her two piggy tail anyway. how the girl to be the girl without her piggy tail?? is like the car without the wheels, or the bottle without its cap! that's a disaster!! besides i always draw myself with piggy tails since forever.. hahah!



Picture 4

i draw this few months ago, when i just complete my final assignments, when i was going to graduate, when i was still in my hostel.. and yes, its incomplete, its half done. like i usually do with most of my doodles.

Stayed back in KL for 1 week to company my roommate for her final diploma examination when i drew this, Nothing much about this drawing, nothing is in my mind except my room mate and my close friends in college.

you might think i should stay as my heart was totally here.
but i have my own dream to catch.

sometimes i still cant accept the fact i was being replaced.
i cant accept the fact that i will be there instead of here.
i cant accept the fact that i have to start things all over again.
i cant accept the fact that i have to let go and move on.

maybe reality is not as emotional as shown, but you dont know how much this really means to me.


take two

Picture 10
"mouth away the cute face!!"

look at the puppy's "being-disgusted-yet-pitty" look .hahah!!

but the puppy loves me ;P

Picture 11

now u can see who is the adoreable one.. nyahahhhahahah!!

and not to forget our big sausage.

Picture 5
the big baby..hahah!!

surprisingly Yogurt get along the puppy very very well lately.. when i mean very very well, its really very very very well. Yogurt did not attack the puppies when all the puppies go around her and as if she was their mama.Even Sandal(the real mama) isnt a good mama than Yogurt is! What shocks us was Yogurt produce her own milk but she isnt pregnant nor pregnant before!!

vet, dog expert ,or anyone.. any explanation? :/


tag! u it!

TEN things about yourself:
  • colours i like are earthy, brown..something soft. but doesn't mean i dont like rainbow :D
  • i always thought i will actually go to the moon since i was little.. one day.. one fine day.
  • I dont go out often, normally i live in my head.
  • normally i dont eat suppers .. because i most probally get very energetic and cant sleep later at night.
  • when i'm eating Japanese food, esp sasimi. i got sooo excited and felt i'm the happiest girl on earth
  • instead of having sweeet tooth, i'm having a sour-tooth. (ppl always think my acidic level are higher than average -_-)
  • i get happy, sad, excited, moody sometimes annoyed, very very very easily.. even tiny weeny stuffs. (uggh..)
  • i love being sweaty
  • i am little bit of everything.
  • my name is not ei or ui (so dont call me "eh" or "ui" , mind you c: )
  • i'm afraid of ppl yelling, screaming and foul languages (although is not yell at me)

SEVEN ways to win your heart:
  • small little things..
  • really understands what i'm trying to say.
  • able to answer all my stupid questions.
  • be able to hold a conversation with me
  • being cuddled.
  • appreciate what i do? hahahhahhahahahha
  • not showing temper? lol!!

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
  • what i wanna do later.
  • Songs with beautiful Lyrics especially Taylor Swift's
  • wondering about almost everything
  • ppl i missssssss :(
  • random stuffs
  • what's for snack? xD
  • how are you?

FOUR things you do before you fall asleep:
  • fill up my bottle
  • brush my teeth, wash my face..look at the mirror, telling myself good night.
  • listen to songs.. esp Taylor Swift's :)
  • counting sheep all the way to dreamland

FOUR things you see right now:
  • camera
  • lappie brush
  • little portable modem
  • cablesssssssss (ahhhhhh)

Five songs that you listen to often:
  • I go - OST talentime night
  • Untouchable -Taylor Swift
  • Your ex-lover is dead - Stars
  • Super Star- Taylor Swift
  • The tip of the iceberg - Owl City

TWO things you want to do before you die:
  • Go to France and vist Lourvre Museum, Eiffel tower..yadie yada. and eat lots of cheeeeeese!!!!!
  • be at a real palace at least once.

ONE confession:

i'm not bulletproof


stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven
this is the death march memorial park in kundasang, sabah.

the world is white and bright,
The sun kiss goodbye,
stars spills over the dark blue sky.

soft music plays,
fluffy clouds dances
beauty in the air,
happiness is in my heart.

words are unnecessary,
enjoy the silence

little glimpse of heaven;
little taste of heaven.




like you always shine on me

and make my life brighter

thank you

you know who you are :)


♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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