take two

Picture 10
"mouth away the cute face!!"

look at the puppy's "being-disgusted-yet-pitty" look .hahah!!

but the puppy loves me ;P

Picture 11

now u can see who is the adoreable one.. nyahahhhahahah!!

and not to forget our big sausage.

Picture 5
the big baby..hahah!!

surprisingly Yogurt get along the puppy very very well lately.. when i mean very very well, its really very very very well. Yogurt did not attack the puppies when all the puppies go around her and as if she was their mama.Even Sandal(the real mama) isnt a good mama than Yogurt is! What shocks us was Yogurt produce her own milk but she isnt pregnant nor pregnant before!!

vet, dog expert ,or anyone.. any explanation? :/

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