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i draw this few months ago, when i just complete my final assignments, when i was going to graduate, when i was still in my hostel.. and yes, its incomplete, its half done. like i usually do with most of my doodles.

Stayed back in KL for 1 week to company my roommate for her final diploma examination when i drew this, Nothing much about this drawing, nothing is in my mind except my room mate and my close friends in college.

you might think i should stay as my heart was totally here.
but i have my own dream to catch.

sometimes i still cant accept the fact i was being replaced.
i cant accept the fact that i will be there instead of here.
i cant accept the fact that i have to start things all over again.
i cant accept the fact that i have to let go and move on.

maybe reality is not as emotional as shown, but you dont know how much this really means to me.

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