This photo was taken few years ago, and of course by me. Seriously this dog is the best model i ever meet lol. i remember the first day we meet. i hold my camera, she start to wag her tail and started to strike her pose. Thanks to her, i enjoy snapping photos of animals..hahaha..

animals are the best living creatures in earth, especially dogs. there are lots of values we can learn from a dog. They might not talk but by the stare of the eyes, the paw on your lap, cant deny they can be a very good friend or company.



Usually i wont continue my painting if i dont feel right. Regardless is digital painting or traditional painting, if the initial or the "right feeling of doing the artwork wasn't there anymore. There is no point of completing it. But for this painting of mine, i try to insist myself finish right to the end, but now turn out become one of the painting which i least like right now.

That's what i hate and like about myself. I love to pour all my passion, soul , effort, emotion (bla bla bla) in most of the things i do. But if i dont have the mood or lack of passion on doing it. instead of doing it soullessly. i rather not do.

sometimes i wonder how am i gonna survive. lol.


inspiring music video

independent artist's works are always special always unique and interesting as they are free to express themselves and not show what they think others wanted to see, as they do not expect the whole world to listen or enjoy their works, they rather have a small group of fans who enjoy their works and share the same passion with them

I always believe most inspiring works is from what we believe and passions.
and not what u think others expect from us.

If u have no passion what u are doing, dont expect others will appreciate and inspired by your work.
If u dont love yourself, how u expect others will love you as well?



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