tagged by Jiaming.. part one

her survey is too looong.. when i mean long. it is very long.. so i divided 'em in few parts

haha.. i should stop my crap nw.. and here's the 1st part of'em

1.My Name : Jean Lynn

2.My birthday : 12th of Sept 1990

3.Who tagged you : My Sayang aka Jiaming

4.Name 5 best friends : they know who they are =)

5.What do you wished for birthday : tell u later after my bday perhaps? =/

6.Happy things that happened recently :

had a sweet dream last nite ? but my day didnt really go well though ._.

7.Most stressed about recently : assignments assignments and assignments..*echo*

8.What is your dream about future : successful in life? =/ ok, i know i sounds boring

9.Do you have someone you like : i wonder...

10.Will you visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering :

yea! esp my tuition teachers(mr and mrs Loh!) my ICT teacher (Ms Lam) and mayb my malay teacher(Cikgu Masnah!)

11.Most happy to hang out with : ppl who i'm very comfortable with.

12.If two of your friends are having conflicts : depends on the situation.

13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : anywhere we can be together =).. (what any1 can ask more?)

14.What to do in Christmas : Christmas songs sing-a-long!! and of cuz meet Santa!! =x

15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : friends and family =)

16.Bad habit on waking up early in the morning : thinking of what to eat for breakfast =.-

17.How many siblings do you have : 3 sis n 1 bro

18.Favourite song(Female) : Taylor Swift =D

19.Favourite songs(Male) : wilber pan mayb?

20.Favourite Colour : any colours, but black is a nono (black isnt a color rite =p)

21.Flush before using the toilets? : depends

22.Love me not? : *stare at u like nuts*

23.Affectionate to guys or girls : depends

24.What do you want to shout out loudly :

I NEED INSPIRATIONS!! another one will be.. WHY U'RE DOIN THIS TO ME??! ok.. i'm done

25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night? : yeah ,why not?

26.Will you take off your undies in while in the WC : =/

27.Who’s the bastard : no one i guesss

28.What’s the current affection : dunnno ._.

29.Ugly when asleep: kinda, so pls, dont look at me while i'm zzzz

30.Whats the time now : 4pm (i lost focus on my assignments ._.)

31.Do you hate the person who tagged you : how could i hate her.. i love her dearly =3

*yuhuu.. sayang, how stupid question32 is until ur friend cancelled it?lol*

33.Weather today : kinda gloomy

34.Are you pregnant : *laugh lamely* u are funny -.-

35.What will you do if you win a lottery : wait till i really do won then.

36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life : graduation? =/



When i flipped through the news headings in Sunday Star yst, i stunned for awhile n my head gone blank after get to know 1 of the talented person who i didn't expected went to heaven.

Yasmin Ahmand's death was so sudden.

She's the 1st (or the only?) director i look up to since i was in primary school.

"Sepet" was the 1st malay movie i really into and started to got crazy about malaysian and indon movie ever since.

usually a prirated dvd buyer myself, but i buy original dvds for her movies.

For the very 1st time, i get all emo and almost cried for a death of a famous person.

last but not least, those excitedly feeling when anticipating her advert during festive season i'll gonna miss=(


sis(jakun) knows the best

My sis aka Jakun smsed me n told me that she bought PPG cologne for me few weeks ago...

*pinch myself*

HOLLY MOLLY!!.. Powerpuff girls!!jakun bought me something automatically?? am i dreaming or what?
love my jakun soooooo much!! (just skip her stupid temper la)

arent they cuteeeeee???
ok ok la.. i really do mean both of'em la

and i didnt expect the packaging is so cuteeeeeeeeee...............
Makes me the happiest girl in the world =D
hopes it smell nice too =D
golly golly golly.. cant wait to get my baby <3


long time ago..

not gonna talk about assignments rite nw.. i need a break now, my head filled with codes (action script to be exact -.-) but I know its kinda late to talk about this, but....

although i x watch the 1st one lagi *shy*

Since everyone was talking about it last month, so i just blog about it when i feel wanted to. Basically this is was the 1st movie i watched in cinema during the 1st screening =D (fyi: this was my 4th time to the cinema)

It was last month i watch this movie with whole bunch of TARC multimedia students and lecturers during MUD day in Time Square. the movie wasnt that automoto than i expected and the movie was hilarious =D
and i fall in love wit bumble bee at the very 1st sight! 

Isnt he cuteeee

After the movie, followed dajie Elie and J'mee to shabu shabu. and yea, I've never been there before. and goodness me, i've realised that there's many place i x been to be4 ._.
Anyway, J'mee and i ordered the ordinary set and i didnt even care to order the the seafood set although there's 4 biggie prawns in it moreover its 1 or 2 ringgit diferent which Dajie said its very reasonable.

To my surprise, this is the 1st steamboat restaurant i been to which i didnt end up getting all thirsty =D 

cant get tat 3 cuties in the seafood set..
maybe that's the reason why i choose ordinary set =D




dad : " what are you doin? didnt go anywhere 2day?"
me: " no where, assignments. what else?" 
and continue with the whining

it happens every weekend when my dad called up, and my mom keep asking me are my assignments completed yet -.=

sometimes time when my friends ask what's i'm up to latey,
i cant think anything else but assignments. 
and make them wondering is my life tat plain =\

but frankly,  just plain o'l bunch of assignments alone already makes my head spin @.@

and nw look, i'm blogging about assignments again! *pardon me =(

anyway, i'm still surviving.. haha..  btw,wanna take a peep on my typography assignment? 
fyi: gonna present it tis friday. hope my webbie turn out well 

*pray hard*

(the singer's hair)
one of the piece of my typography portrait
any idea who am i doin? 

now now, i'll upload the complete version after my presentation ya =)


try tis out.. its quite accurate on me.. HAH!

There was a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals, 

A Lion 
a Giraffe 
and a Squirrel ,

They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to pluck a banana off the tree. 
Who do you guess will win? 
Your answer will reflect your personality. 
So think carefully .... Try and answer within 30  seconds 

Got your answer? 

If your answer is: 

Lion = you're dull. 
Chimpanzee = you're a moron. 
Giraffe = you're a complete idiot. 
Squirrel = you're just hopelessly stupid. 


Obviously you're stressed and overworked. 
You should take some time off and relax! 
Try again next year. 


*nod* yea, true true.. i'm complete idiot. i tot girraffe is tall enough to pluck mah..
wondering what's the answer anyway =/

golly now the furry guy above keeps appearing in my head -.=


endless -.="

Had society meeting yesterday, and seriously, i should improve on my communication skills.

no one seems to understand what am i trying to talk about ._. just imagine around 9 people staring with a cold "dunno-what-is-she-talking-about" look on their face.. its so embarrassing

guess i just have to sit quietly in the corner during a meeting ._.

besides that, i 'm not that satisfied on my performance during yesterday's presentation, i didnt deliver all the msg which i have to and all i did  was blabbing rubbish, At that time, i really wanted do the presentation again. -.= 

any way yesterday meeting was the LONGEST meeting i ever had.

5.30 pm until almost 10pm in the college,
changed venue to hostel's canteen until 11pm+

it should-pose to end at 7 pm ._.



thanks to my not.functioning.broadband i eventually letting pet society go,peacefully.

without feeling bad nor grumpy. i didn't see my baby Thunder for the past 3 days , its a record y'all!! 

thanks to my loaded assignments, not to mention those deadlines!! which makes me die die. my head is totally occupied . and nevertheless, i've less frequent wondering those yadie yadas which always make me feel down.. for no reason -.-". they haunt me all da time.

thought i was cursed or jinxed by some unidentified-pure-evil-witch from nowhere(ignore the rubbish,trying to make this post long..lol), but think again, hey.. i'm not that bad luck at all.
haha...do ignore me. i'm trying to make myself feel better so i can cut down on buying prunes.

405 grams of pitted prunes finished within 5 days, happens for almost 2 months now :|


gowd..i should stop talking about assignments already 


Da Jie

Elie loves to snap pictures of herself, as always.
sometimes she used my phone.
then accuse me for taking her photo few days later,
and ask me why i'm so interested in her.. 
as always =.=

Jy and J'mee are her victims as well..
(i can feel they are nodding with full of agreement) =X

oh my, i know my da jie very well.=x

garang dajie

"why i'm so pretty" dajie

nerdy dajie

The photo of the day ..

its been quite awhile we last snap photos together
bet dajie like tis photo too =P


come back to me =(

I'm still wondering why my broadband isnt working, i've called the Celcom's care line and is totally wasting my time. The operator told me to set the program then bla bla bla.. NOT helping at all.. because is basically isn't the program problem.

i plan to call again next week.. again 

in case your' wondering : the operator is like, half dead,  quite hard to communicate with him with his low energy voice  and i cant even hear him. and guess what! i've been talking to the same operator since last year -.=

so here am i.. at the library ..again 

oh sayang.. pls come back to me la.. 
i've lacked out motivation to continue my assignments without you =(
Dont be sorry later i dump u and cari maxis 


1st survey i've answered this year =D

Being tagged by Kitty Meow, goldfish and Fairy Miu

Reminds me those time we had in Red crescent society during high school. 
and of cuz group chatting in msn. 
wondering hows 8poh and 143 =/  
not to 4get those dramas we made =x
 miss the old days ._.

anyway i just answer a part or 2 of the survey.. cuz its too long T.T
(kitty, why its have to be in traditional chinese ..really kills me ler T.T)

。。。。兇 手 題 - 10 題。。。。

 * kitty , fairy miu and goldfish ong.
 * ya =)
 * ma friends =)
 * as a friend. yup! especially Kitty Meow Meow <3!
 * hoho long lo, Meow around 6/7 years, goldfish around 4/5 years. where as Miu around 3 years.
 * meow: know her be4 u judge her =P
 * goldfish: huge ego in him (rite rite? =X)
 * Miu: banyak things to worry about.. (all da best in ur spm =)
 * ask them lo *grin*
 * u think? -.=
 * will never happen 

。。。。混 合 題 - 10 題。。。。

 * depends..just remember to contact me kay? =)
 *stare at nowhere and wondering why
 * x understand question.. pardon me >.<
 * i <3>them dearly no matter what =<
 * depends? haha
 * ok ok lo.. i'm still surviving to be precise =p
 * assignments! assingments!! petsociety alittle? ._.  sometimes surf some websites for inspiration or read my friends blog(what to do, no time 2 chat wit 'em ._.)


♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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