endless -.="

Had society meeting yesterday, and seriously, i should improve on my communication skills.

no one seems to understand what am i trying to talk about ._. just imagine around 9 people staring with a cold "dunno-what-is-she-talking-about" look on their face.. its so embarrassing

guess i just have to sit quietly in the corner during a meeting ._.

besides that, i 'm not that satisfied on my performance during yesterday's presentation, i didnt deliver all the msg which i have to and all i did  was blabbing rubbish, At that time, i really wanted do the presentation again. -.= 

any way yesterday meeting was the LONGEST meeting i ever had.

5.30 pm until almost 10pm in the college,
changed venue to hostel's canteen until 11pm+

it should-pose to end at 7 pm ._.

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