1st survey i've answered this year =D

Being tagged by Kitty Meow, goldfish and Fairy Miu

Reminds me those time we had in Red crescent society during high school. 
and of cuz group chatting in msn. 
wondering hows 8poh and 143 =/  
not to 4get those dramas we made =x
 miss the old days ._.

anyway i just answer a part or 2 of the survey.. cuz its too long T.T
(kitty, why its have to be in traditional chinese ..really kills me ler T.T)

。。。。兇 手 題 - 10 題。。。。

 * kitty , fairy miu and goldfish ong.
 * ya =)
 * ma friends =)
 * as a friend. yup! especially Kitty Meow Meow <3!
 * hoho long lo, Meow around 6/7 years, goldfish around 4/5 years. where as Miu around 3 years.
 * meow: know her be4 u judge her =P
 * goldfish: huge ego in him (rite rite? =X)
 * Miu: banyak things to worry about.. (all da best in ur spm =)
 * ask them lo *grin*
 * u think? -.=
 * will never happen 

。。。。混 合 題 - 10 題。。。。

 * depends..just remember to contact me kay? =)
 *stare at nowhere and wondering why
 * x understand question.. pardon me >.<
 * i <3>them dearly no matter what =<
 * depends? haha
 * ok ok lo.. i'm still surviving to be precise =p
 * assignments! assingments!! petsociety alittle? ._.  sometimes surf some websites for inspiration or read my friends blog(what to do, no time 2 chat wit 'em ._.)

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