long time ago..

not gonna talk about assignments rite nw.. i need a break now, my head filled with codes (action script to be exact -.-) but I know its kinda late to talk about this, but....

although i x watch the 1st one lagi *shy*

Since everyone was talking about it last month, so i just blog about it when i feel wanted to. Basically this is was the 1st movie i watched in cinema during the 1st screening =D (fyi: this was my 4th time to the cinema)

It was last month i watch this movie with whole bunch of TARC multimedia students and lecturers during MUD day in Time Square. the movie wasnt that automoto than i expected and the movie was hilarious =D
and i fall in love wit bumble bee at the very 1st sight! 

Isnt he cuteeee

After the movie, followed dajie Elie and J'mee to shabu shabu. and yea, I've never been there before. and goodness me, i've realised that there's many place i x been to be4 ._.
Anyway, J'mee and i ordered the ordinary set and i didnt even care to order the the seafood set although there's 4 biggie prawns in it moreover its 1 or 2 ringgit diferent which Dajie said its very reasonable.

To my surprise, this is the 1st steamboat restaurant i been to which i didnt end up getting all thirsty =D 

cant get tat 3 cuties in the seafood set..
maybe that's the reason why i choose ordinary set =D


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