dad : " what are you doin? didnt go anywhere 2day?"
me: " no where, assignments. what else?" 
and continue with the whining

it happens every weekend when my dad called up, and my mom keep asking me are my assignments completed yet -.=

sometimes time when my friends ask what's i'm up to latey,
i cant think anything else but assignments. 
and make them wondering is my life tat plain =\

but frankly,  just plain o'l bunch of assignments alone already makes my head spin @.@

and nw look, i'm blogging about assignments again! *pardon me =(

anyway, i'm still surviving.. haha..  btw,wanna take a peep on my typography assignment? 
fyi: gonna present it tis friday. hope my webbie turn out well 

*pray hard*

(the singer's hair)
one of the piece of my typography portrait
any idea who am i doin? 

now now, i'll upload the complete version after my presentation ya =)

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