UPS (Unconscious Pinkie Syndrome)

Hardly step into the cyber world since after came back from Malacca. I dont know what happened to my darling broadband these days. She just cant get connected! so yea, i have hard time doin my research, updating ma blog. my only time to surf the net is at college

golly golly golly golly 

*banging the wall*

Anyway, i went to college study room struggling with assignments( whatelse??) wit my college gang, our stuffs scattered around on the table like nobody's business .

Guess what me and J'mee have in common..

our pinkie stuffs.. i just realise after quite sometime. 

Elie show off her pink fingernails since the only pink stuff she has at tat moment was her Ipod casing. 

She just wont give up! lol!!

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