Wondering how's Pocoyo, is she still runs in her wheel

Emotion roller coaster hit me, ALOT.

Wondering when i able to finish my assignments, they are heading to nowhere.
Wondering why my broadband isn't working at my college area, but works so good when i was in Malacca.
Wondering why many things are spinning in my head
Wondering why i take things so seriously although i know ppl are joking.
Wondering why is so hard for me 2 make up my mind
Wondering why misunderstanding is so easy to happen

bla bla bla.....

holly molly, i miss home ._.

eunice =)  – ( July 6, 2009 at 3:25 PM )  

hey girl, homesick yeah?
U'll get better soon, it just comes and go, I know coz I used to get it on and off too. :)

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