thanks to my not.functioning.broadband i eventually letting pet society go,peacefully.

without feeling bad nor grumpy. i didn't see my baby Thunder for the past 3 days , its a record y'all!! 

thanks to my loaded assignments, not to mention those deadlines!! which makes me die die. my head is totally occupied . and nevertheless, i've less frequent wondering those yadie yadas which always make me feel down.. for no reason -.-". they haunt me all da time.

thought i was cursed or jinxed by some unidentified-pure-evil-witch from nowhere(ignore the rubbish,trying to make this post long..lol), but think again, hey.. i'm not that bad luck at all.
haha...do ignore me. i'm trying to make myself feel better so i can cut down on buying prunes.

405 grams of pitted prunes finished within 5 days, happens for almost 2 months now :|


gowd..i should stop talking about assignments already 

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