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1. Thank you for making me the luckiest girl on the earth, You always give the best your girls but i dont think i give the best to you. Sorry for letting you down sometimes especially when i was still a , or show my temper and you still try to cheer me up patiently. Being supportive on my decisions whether is good or bad.. i know i'm not a good daughter, But at least i made u proud at least once, which makes feel i've accomplish something big in my life :)

2. Although you nag alot, but i know u love your jakuns and we love you too!! you have the best jokes and a strong though mama inside out. We respect and admire u much *love*

3. Dear you, although sometimes u get my nerves and we somehow "quarrel" but i know this is the way we communicate and makes us got closer. Nomatter how annoy you are, but your caring side are unbeatable. you always been a big sister to me :)

4. Dear you, although it just few years i known you, but somehow we like able to read each other mind which makes me like known you for my whole life. Although we seldom contact each other, i might not be that significant in your life anymore. but you always be my greatest sayang ;)

5 Dear you, be and think positive, and things will fall into place. u are always beautiful, trust me ;)

6. Dear you, thank you for making me realize positive things in everything.Although sometimes you're mood is down but u always shine and never fails to cheer everyone up, esp our kakis. Your hair-scrubbing annoys me sometimes but somehow i feel warm and good inside :D

7. Dear you, i cant deny you play a great impact of my life . Ruining them or making them interesting, do things that i unexpected to do. but as days goes, thought i know you well, but all i've realise you are just like a mirror, reflecting to one's what they wanna see and makes me actually believe there is someone actually understands me and making me feel special. and its nice for awhile infact was more than 3 years . say me blunt, just realise you're actually do the same to everyone else. Worst thing is i'm nothing but a cat starching pole. As a friend this used to hurt me.. A.L.O.T . Deny it if you want to . because i able to get over it and move on . i'm grateful we still contact each other one word or two :)

8. Dear you, you always say you're unwanted, and used to tell me be careful, and i deserve much better guy which I think its odd but i didn't care much, as i took it as a joke,but surprisingly you always stuck in my head lately. but i choose to remain silent as i'm not sure about myself , moreover i bet u have someone else.

9. Dear you, you , you , you, you you and you!!!miss you guys knocking at the door and intrudes each other room although we are busy with our assignments and shout HI and BYE at the walkway. hang out together, talk and laugh. thanks for making my hostel life soo memorable. my best hostel life ever :)

10. SCREW YOU!! . i know u're great.. but dont think you are hell of grand..many ppl are way better than you do.

and Dear you, you , you , you , you ,you , you , you you , you , you you , you , you you , you , you and you..i miss youuuu..i miss tuitions and i miss high school years :(


Mind are stuck with assignment stuffs. brainstorming for good ideas are killing me. So pardon me for being a ninja and disappear time to time and unable to update frequently.. . Post this just to let you know my blog still alive. Who knows i might ninja again.. haha!

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