lion roars!

Picture 2

This is my typography tutorial class exercise.. tracing lesson.. haha! i dont mind learn AI all over again .. because i just love this software .. like how i love my chocolate milk.

Although i'm not a beginner (nor an expert) but i did learnt something about AI which i didnt even know about which didnt being thought previously.

btw, about the picture, just play around the shapes with the pathfinder tools and the transparency tool, and of course the drop shadow from the stylized tool, in case you are just wondering. haha.

pardon for the mumble jumble.. maybe i was highly over dosed with milo drink with extra cocoa..

oh ya, the lion design wasnt mine, but the background was :D hahah!

its nice to be a noob sometimes.. hahah!

i just realised i miss someone
who no one expect i will actually miss..
yea.. its you.. dont deny.. is really you.
-a little confession of mine-

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