Picture 1
my son. name? "My Son" happy?
isnt him handsome..LOL

something weird about me which i just realize;

- try to stop eating bread, but no doubt, i cant live without them
- cookies are soooo yesterday.. hahahh!!
- i will sit a table with tomato sauces bottle(bright red even better) or a full set of eating utensil (bright red even better) whenever i choose a table in restaurant or cafeteria.
- usually i use my feeling and instinct to buy stuffs rather than my brain (i will think a lot and end up regreting to buy or nt to buy)
- wheather i like it or not..i always end up with the 1st decision i made (its like making a BIG circle -.-)
-if not, i will make a very last min change. so if u cant stand, help me decide! nyhhaahah!
- i cant be alone and not talking to anyone for long, talking to the person inside me makes me even depressing -.-

that's what i can thought of..LOL

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