Had fever for the past few days, i spent that good few days ..sleeping -.- so i only manage to finish the documentations for Mr Clifford's assignments last night.

I officially completed my interface design's assignments y'all =D
i've been waiting for this for a looong time
*hallelujah song playing, or i mean looping=P*

Remember my "always-isnt-working" braodband?

She's back in action
rite after i completed my ID assignment =D
*hallelujah song playing. again!!

This "cant-on9-during-critical-moment" happen all the time since i was sitting for my PMR, when i cant even connect to tm net during PMR period, and during SPM trial, my sreamyx router isnt working until i've complete my trial!!! and i always tot is my dad who is all behind this =/

n now, my beloved braodband..

weird... =/

should start my final assignment now =/

chop chop chop!!

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