i am one big happy mama

I'm soo free, and i never been such free before since my last sem break?? Went to my aunt house, holly cow, i 4got to bring my broadband along, so i'm using my cousin's computer , visit my baby and restaurant.. and answer much quizes i want in facebook instead.
most of the answers i got are quite predictable. and laugh my tummy off on those answers which doesnt make sense and the only quiz which horrified me is the above.

i will get 5-8 kids in the future
*counting fingers endlessly*

modern days(aka rite nw? -.-), 1-3 is a guidline of number of kids in a family..ppl will stare at u and wondering "what are u thinking??!" or amaze u (if lucky enuff) if u have more than 3 kids.

is the burden? or ppl want more freedom. ..bla bla bla i dont know
anyway imagine those little angles running around , showing cute"puppy face" when they need huggies..telling them bedtime story, kissing 5-8 little foreheads before they head to bed.. ..*melting*

hang on.. why am i saying or fussing about tis.

its just a quiz!!

i know

anyway.. happy merdeka =)

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