a blink of an eye

without realizing,

sem4 is coming to the end,

my younger sister (jakun #4) is goin to sit for her UPSR next week, oh boy the memories of her having her head stuck at the gate when she was 3.. just beacuse of a BREAD! aww.. its still fresh in my head.

i'm goin home in less than a week!! although its like i just went home not long ago(4 months ago to be exact? =/), but it doesn't help me for not getting homesick

my posts are piling up from zero to 59 =D (and counting.. i know its kinda less..lol)

my lappie which is used to be soo kosong and barely fully utilized by her owner, bt nw is loaded with stuffs .. assignment stuffs.. and its usually on for the whole day

many things happen, ups and downs are not list here(i dont want to be a grandma talking grandma story) and some i refer 'em to be unwritten =)

but i still cant face the fact that,

i'm getting older 0_0
its like another 11 days to go?


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