sorry dajie, no jungle kucing

she was in the mood for posing! but the photo didnt turn out well.
dark+ camera phone. what do u expect?

Elie dajie was keep bugging me to find her a jungle kitty for her, but unfortunately i cant find one.. although i'm living in sandakan-- nature city.. but doesn't mean i live in the jungle le...

lucky me, i saw tis cute little kitty when me and my roommate went to intrude our friend who stay next to our block at the night before i went back home. Both of us love the kitty so much. She is so cute, elegant(omg..u have to look the way she walk!!) and not to mention, she is good in posing! Although small in size, she is a one tough muffin.

but my roommate and i still have a little argument about her gender =/ my roommate think she is a he, while i think she is a she.

on the next morning, to my supirse, i saw her walking around outside my room! (is kinda unusual for us to see a kitty cat at 2nd floor u know). i get my dslr asap expect to get a good picture of her as i know she was a good poser.

but tis time is kinda hard to take shot of her compared to the previous nite. i have to beg her to sit still (well, kinda) but she moved here n there and want to climb on to my lap whenever i was 100% prepared to snap. Guess she is not in the mood for taking photo or is my bulky camera freaking her out. i dont know.

oh well. tis is the best shot i got ._.

so dajie. isnt she cute??! hope u like it lo.. hahah!

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