made by letters and nothing else. the killing part? her hair -.-

Taylor Swift was the great country teen(or i mean young lady?) singer i ever know, she's open, talented, apart from splitting wit Joe Jonas, she's hardly involve in those hollywood drama
and she exactly knows how to transform her feeling into songs and words.
which makes me admire her much =)

The 1st song i listen and totally fall in love with it is Teardrops on my guitar, when is last year the month of March and i started to listen all of her songs since then. (if u think its love story , then u are sooo wrong=)

When i'm down, i'll turn on her songs. and it was the best remedy ever

oh ya.. i was inspired by her to perm my hair for the 1st time
but it doesn't really looks good on me though

the cd case i created for my assignment. is still with me though
as ms Teng want 1 dvd per class instead of individually

is she familiar to u? lol

"Cause When Youre Fifteen And Somebody Tells You They Love You

Youre Gonna Believe Them

And When Youre Fifteen; Dont Forget To Look Before You Fall

Ive Found Time Can Heal Most Anything

And You Just Might Find Who You're Supposed To Be

I Didnt Know Who I Was Supposed To Be At Fifteen"

i couldn't agree much =)

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