glad that i've found u =)

Tally!! i miss u so!!

Tally(p/s: yea, he got a name) was my favorite mechanical pencil since high school years, but he got disappeared middle of nowhere for quite a long time. i search high and low but he was no where to be found.

i though i've lost him since then =(

without realizing, finally i found Tally 2day, i was so thrilled.

All this while , Tally basically he was playing hide and seak with me
and hide in my pink bag pack,
which i carry to college every single day =)

p/s: most of my belonging have a name=)
i'll call 'em baby if they doesnt have any
objects have feelings to okay....

special note for my dear Eunice..
happy birthday!!!! hope u enjoy ur special day although u're far away from home=)
i tried to sms you but could be delivered ._.
so i've sent u greeting via face book instead ._.

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