little lamb

since i was a kid, i always dream myself wearing a painting apron, an artist beret on my head. Like an oh-so great artist wannabe; painting on the canvas on the tri stand; with all sorts colors of paints and brushes around me, messy as can be.  

Finally i made a little tiny part of my childhood dreams come true - paint on a canvas; i call it little because i paint without the beret or the apron or the stand and obviously i dont fell like an oh-so- great artist, hahaha. i really enjoy painting the face and the hair, is like helping someone applying make up haha. but i still cant get her lips right.

Just yesterday i visited one painting shop in the nearby mall. which they sell paintings painted by mostly hong kong or china artist. The smell of the place reminds me of my childhood art teacher's place. As the shop located in a shopping mall not surprise most of the paintings are scenery or pots of flowers (i realize everybody loves pots of flowers painting as house decorations and older Chinese generations loves horses, running horses to be exact, to bring luck in the house, Tiger painting are ppl's fav as well, but since chinese believes tiger are much powerful animal, thus they affect the luck, good or bad easily. so they cant simply hang around the house; same goes to tiger statues or decorations.. and i think my dad love buffaloes paintings, he always ask me why not i paint buffaloes lol)  

Nevertheless there are some of the paintings in the shop do amazed me, especially those Buddha paintings, they even springled glitters all over the painting. What to do, i'm always attracted to Sparkly stuffs hahaaha

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