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Went to visit VGA fest in Publika last saturday, VGA fest is a gathering for visual arts Scene and showcase all different types of artwork especially experimental. VGA Fest is consists of Exchibition, conference, Screening and audiovisual.

i just manage to visit the exhibitions. These are some of the picture i took which caught my attention hahah.

U might see a heart (obviously) ahah, but if look harder, the heart is made up from words n words in jawi.

 This is my favorite piece among all! hahah. Visitors actually can sit inside. It looks like a glowing bird nest made form shuttlecocks. how nice to have this at home. haaha

 Besides that, i even visit the some art gallery in Publika. Publika is not your typical shopping mall. but a heaven of arts and music. i x saw so many art shops and galleries in a mall before. me soo in loveeee haahahahh!! 

I didnt manage to walk the whole mall, but i like White box art gallery. They exhibits artist sketch books, mix media artworks, sculpture. mostly relates to Local contents.

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