half dead

Yesterday was society day, freshies flooded the hall to search the societies they want to join, and me as one of the comittee member of the Career guidance society, and yea, i have to persuade freshies to join the society!! its just like those annoying salesperson "forcing" you to buy thier stuffs!! and those who dont know me..


help me
help me
help me
help me
help me
help me

*bang the wall real hard ,whining and roll on the floor at the same time as if is d end of the world*

and golly, the chairperson expect each and everyone of us "pull" 30members..and wanted us to "brag" our society by telling them how good is our society is , the braggier the better ._.

and the thing is.. 
the society is not intereting as it seems, and i was one of the sucker  ._. 
but also nt so bad la,i do learn something and gain some experience(like persuading ppl??)
oppsie did i say tat ,bad me, i'm being disloyal, could some1 hit me??._.

"TARC freshies out there, come'n join us! muahahah!!"
 yea, i look half dead.

anway, the day didnt go quite well..mayb below than average? didnt manage 2 get our target..and those idiotic freshies show their stupid annoying expression when i was trying to talk 2 them,they should tell me politely ,cuz i dont want to waste my saliva too =(


ok i'm done whining, basically i didnt really brag  or force them 2 join though, i just share my personal experience and tell them some of the activities we're goin to have. (this what i call the clean way ..bwahahah) but didnt work really well, but yay me.. at least few of them willing to join =D

and after yadie-yadaing about the society to one of the freshie,

Me: so what course are u in?
Junior: oh, mulitimedia design.
Me: whoa! me too! u're my junior.. hahaha 
Junior: haha.. ya, so what is ur name?
Me: oh me? just call me Jean
Junior: wow, i'm Jane

at least something weird end my day! hahah!! 

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