*Drum roll*

Welcome 2 my new blog! i've decided to dump my old blog, in fact, i'm considering about changing since last year.. but well, i'm lazy ._. i dont really like live space cuz i cant customize much, and its such a pain to upload pictures in live space cuz my line is quite *ahem* so ended up felt very lazy to update my blog.. just take a look at my last update, shame of me ._. since many of my friends are using blogger and i have a gmail acc(which make my life very easy) but pitty me, i've spent few whole days doin it(cuz i dunno how ._.) finally..*tada* here i am..

I'll still keep my old blog though since its mostly about my secondary school years.(it acompannies me for almost 4 years ._.) and sometimes is quite fun to read'em back.. haha..

btw, here is my old bloggie link, do feel free to stop by =)

basically my blog will be about anything which pop out from my head or in short... random.. so if sometimes u dont understand my post.. its ok..cuz i might nt understand either =)

lots to do! lots to learn!
what to do? i'm a new blogger ._.

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